Amish Corner
January 7, 2016 by Sara M. Miller

Winter is here. It looks pretty with a fresh coat of snow. I imagine the road crew guys are glad…

Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country,

Winter is here. It looks pretty with a fresh coat of snow. I imagine the road crew guys are glad for work, although it was quite a savings for folks’ fuel.

Another new year has started. It seems every year goes faster. Maybe because we are getting older and more slow.

Our family Christmas was at son Wayne and Judy’s on New Year’s Day, with a perfect attendance except for daughter Betty’s family from Michigan. They are planning to come down this week, arriving Jan. 5 and leaving Jan. 8. They planned to visit Melvin’s family Jan. 5 and 6 before spending the rest of the time with our family.

Also coming to visit family are sister Sylvia and Albert Miller and Joey and Betz Miller from Mio, Mich. The Alberts planned to be at our place Jan. 6 along with my other sisters, Fannie and Mel Yoder and Edna and Bill Byler and niece Ellen Hershberger and niece Barb and Noah Yutzy. We hoped sister Elmina could join us also.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Johnny and Barbara Byler family in the death of their son Nathan who was hit by a van and died. His funeral was Dec. 31.

The funeral of Allen J. Byler, 77, of Madison Road, was on Jan. 4.

Marty Miller, of Newcomb Road, is at Briar Hill following back surgery. Also, Elmer Weaver, of McAll Road in Parkman, was admitted at Briar Hill after falling and breaking ribs. He is 88 years old.

I decided to do some catch-up jobs on Monday and waited to do laundry on Tuesday. Maybe it will warm up a little. As my sister Sylvia says, now starts the H.W.I.B. days, meaning “hang, wash in, basement” for those of us who don’t have dryers.

One resolution of our family for this year is to lose weight. So, Monday was the starting day. We plan to get together once a week and compare notes. Hopefully, we can change our eating habits to eating healthier. I will keep you posted.

The evening of Jan. 3, we had Joe’s family Christmas get-together at niece Ada and Crist Yoder’s on Mumford Road. The family only consists of his sister Clara and Crist Hershberger, sister-in-law Levi Miller Saloma and son Levi Jr., Joe and I. Three brothers live out of state.

From our Past: Jan. 1, 1897

We are having very warm weather.

Roads are in very bad condition.

The coldest we had this winter was 8 degrees above zero.

Samuel Gingerich is afflicted with heart trouble.

Church services were held at the It’ssac J. Hershberger residence.

John D. Miller is all smiles on account of the twin boys born to them.

Jacob K. and Joseph Byler will put up their feed mill at Troy.

Market: wheat, $1; oats, 20 cents; corn, 18 cents for single bushel; potatoes, 17 cents; butter, 12 cents a pound; and eggs, 18 cents a dozen.

— Noah I. Hershberger


A man and woman took their 3-year-old granddaughter Madison to the home improvement store. Madison got tired of walking, so her grandfather let her ride on his shoulders. As he walked, Madison began pulling his hair. Although he asked her to stop several times, she kept on.

Getting annoyed, he scolded, “Madison! Stop that!”

“But, grandpa,” she replied. “I’m just trying to get my gum back.”

What is the best way to forget your troubles? Wear tight clothes.

Why is it harder to lose weight as you get older? Because by that time your body and fat have become really good friends.

Happy birthday to son Perry on Jan. 3.

You all have a good week.