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Chester Township
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2014 will present a number of challenges as Chester Township transitions to a new board of trustees, but…

Government Update

Welcome to the new year. 2014 will present a number of challenges as Chester Township transitions to a new board of trustees, but everyone is excited to begin. Fiscal Officer Craig Richter, appointed in November, has quickly gotten up to speed and has had a positive impact on township operations.

The board’s first meeting of the year is at 7 p.m. Jan. 9. It is an organizational meeting where the chairman and vice chairman are selected, the meeting schedule is established and a variety of financial matters are addressed, including the establishment of purchase orders for regular and routine purchases such as fuel, utilities, office supplies and insurance.

Throughout the transition, trustees would also like to thank Mike Joyce and Judy Caputo for their time and dedication in their past service to the residents of Chester Township.

Residents are welcome to attend the trustees meetings. If residents have questions or issues, they may reach any of the trustees through town hall by calling 440-729-7058. Individual cell phones and emails are as follows:

– Ward (Bud) Kinney, 440-477-3509,

– Mike Petruziello, 440-478-8293,

– Ken Radtke Jr., 440-488-7471,;

– Craig Richter, 440-477-5117,


Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, the recycling area was overflowing as many folks dropped bags of materials on the ground because the bins were full. It created quite a mess with broken glass and materials strewn about. Please hold onto one’s recyclables if the bins are full.

As of Jan. 1, the Geauga Trumbull Solid Waste District has entered into a new contract where new recycle bins will remain on site and a vehicle will stop by six days per week to empty the containers. It is a mixed stream recycling program where all recyclables are commingled into a single container.

Glass, bottles, jars, aluminum cans and foil, steel food cans and plastics (grades 1 through 7), newspapers, magazines, lightweight and corrugated cardboard are acceptable materials.

Styrofoam, pizza boxes, tires and electronics are some of the prohibited materials. Please visit for more information.

Trustees are hopeful this new system will eliminate the accumulation of excess materials and ask that residents help keep the area clean.

Thank you and have a safe new year.

– Submitted by Chester Township Trustees

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