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Chester Township
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The Feb. 20 regular board of trustees meeting began with the approval of minutes from the three prior regular and special meetings followed by the…

The Feb. 20 regular board of trustees meeting began with the approval of minutes from the three prior regular and special meetings followed by the 2014 budget discussion for the Chester Township Park Board.

Commissioners Joe Weiss and Lance Yandell reviewed the 2012 and 2013 projects that were completed and provided the board with a proposed budget for 2014 that included electrical repairs and upgrades, contracted landscaping and grounds maintenance. Proposed projects for 2014 also include painting the gazebo, re-roofing the horseshoe pavilion and installing lamppost lighting along the brick walkway to the gazebo.

The requested budget for 2014 is $115,000 ($100K from Chester’s general fund and $15K from other sources).

Between 2012 and 2013, approximately $318,000 has been spent on park improvements. The park board commented they have been addressing park repairs and maintenance that have been neglected over the past 12 years.

To assist with general fund budget planning, the park board has been asked to look at longer range (three-five year) planned expenditures. Chesterfest, which was a well-attended community event coordinated by the Chesterland Chamber of Commerce in 2013, is scheduled for August this year.

In other business, routine purchase orders were opened for hydraulic equipment/parts and fuel.

Because of the extra snowfall, road department overtime and fuel expenditures have increased and the road superintendent is conducting an analysis on those costs.

The cemetery expansion work by the contractor has been completed and final payments will be made. A bid spec has been prepared and submitted to local greenhouses for township flower baskets.

Discussion continued regarding 2014 membership in the Chagrin River Watershed and a decision will need to be made before the final budget is due at the county on April 1.

The fiscal officer reported fiscal year 2013 has been completed and the reports have been sent to the state.

Craig Richter met with a payroll processor to evaluate the viability of this service to Chester Township, however at this point, it appears cost prohibitive.

The evaluation of other companies will continue. The board began a discussion about the possibility of a township-issued credit card for small expenditures. Often, small checks, in the amounts of less than $15, are issued by the township and the credit card could be a way to reduce that internal work and processing costs. There were concerns about controls, documentation, tax exemption credits and responsibility. The discussion will continue.

The next trustees meeting was 8 a.m. March 7. This meeting was rescheduled to Friday morning because several elected officials will be attending the auditor of state conference in Columbus on March 5-6.

A major point of focus in the March 7 meeting was the 2014 general fund budget.

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