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The Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club attended Dairy Palooza, completed a community service project and held its May meeting.Six members attended Ohio 4-H Dairy Palooza…

Geauga Dairymen

The Geauga Dairymen 4-H Club attended Dairy Palooza, completed a community service project and held its May meeting.

Six members attended Ohio 4-H Dairy Palooza on May 3. The statewide event held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds offered a variety of dairy-related learning activities throughout the day. Club members attended sessions focusing on good production practices, how to prepare cattle for the show ring, cattle reproduction and science fun with ice cream. Some members also participated in quality assurance to meet the annual certification requirement. It was a fun and educational event.

The club did a community service project on May 24. Members cleaned up the yard of a senior citizen in Geauga County. They worked together to pick up sticks, rake leaves, wash windows and weed the flowerbed.

A monthly meeting was held on May 24. Project books, Skill-a-Thon information packets and Geauga 4-H fundraiser candy bars were distributed to the members.

Advisor Emma reviewed the supplies members need to purchase to care for their dairy animals this summer and items that will be needed for the fair. The club approved purchasing a set of clippers for all members to use.

The next meeting will be held in June.

For more information about Geauga Dairyman 4-H Club, contact Emma Niehus at 440-221-3812. (Submitted by Garrett Hastings, news reporter)

Pygmy Connection

The Pygmy Connection 4-H club gave back to the community April 26 at the Punderson campgrounds. Club members and parents gathered to clean up the campgrounds in honor of Earth Day. In addition to showing their care for the campgrounds, the club has been camping at Punderson for nine years.

The Pygmy Connection takes a club camping trip each August.

If anyone is interested in joining Geauga County 4-H, please contact the Ohio State Extension Office at 440-834-4656. (Submitted by Graycen Wood, news reporter)

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