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Breeders and FeedersAt the last meeting, poultry members discussed housing, feeding and heat. Books were ordered along with turkeys. Chicken and duck orders are due…

Breeders and Feeders

At the last meeting, poultry members discussed housing, feeding and heat. Books were ordered along with turkeys. Chicken and duck orders are due at the March 23 meeting in Munson.

Pig members bought project books for the year and talked about locating breeders and pigs. May 17 is hog tagging from 8-10 a.m. at the Burton fairgrounds. Enrollment forms are due March 23.

After the meeting, members enjoyed pizza and went roller-skating in Chagrin Falls. They also decorated bags for nursing home residents.

Dates to remember are April 16 – QA test out; May 10 – QA; May 17 – sheep, goat and swine tagging; June 22-28 Geauga County 4-H Camp; July 9 – makeup project judging; and May 19 – project judging. (Submitted by Mike Fenstermaker, news reporter)

Sew Sew Sweet

The 4-H Sew Sew Sweet sewing meeting was held on March 2. The girls got the pleasure of getting to hear about Mrs. Linda Henry’s trip to Lesotho.

The club donated sewing supplies to Mrs. Henry for the people in Lesotho as a summer community project. Mrs. Henry gets to help the people in Africa learn to sew so they can make their own clothes and sell items to earn money. Another way the people in Lesotho earn money is by making floor mats out of all the many plastic bags that are littering the area.

After her presentation, the club changed the bylaws. Members decided the funds, upon dispersal of the club, be split between the Style Review Committee and the Advisory Committee.

The club talked about the great display by Natalie and Melissa at the Burton Public Library. The display is filled with everything that defines the club.

Reagan, the health officer, gave members a tip about hydration. Also, the girls will be selling Buckeye Chocolates for the Advisory Candy Bar Sale.

To end the meeting, the girls played a “get to know you” game to help learn about all the new members. The Sew Sew Sweet Club is having a great start to 4- H sewing.

(Submitted by Mallory Millet, news reporter)

Swingin’ Hams

The Swingin’ Hams meeting was called to order on Feb. 4 at 7:04 p.m. Officers were elected.

Katie Daugherty was elected president and Noah McCaskey was elected vice president. Caroline Goergen was elected as secretary and Sofia Zampino was elected as treasurer. The health and safety officers are Madelyn Zemba and Ryan Praetzel, and Anthony Zampino was elected news reporter.

The treasurer’s report was given by Mrs. Daugherty one of The Swingin’ Ham’s advisors. The constitution and bylaws were discussed and approved by the club. Enrollment forms were handed out to the members and project books were also handed out.

On Feb. 21, the club had a bowling night at Ernst Lanes in Chardon. Members also talked about the PEDV virus outbreak. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

(Submitted by Anthony Zampino, news reporter)

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