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It was a beautiful morning on March 25 even if it was a little chilly. Maybe it will warm up enough to make the sap…

It was a beautiful morning on March 25 even if it was a little chilly. Maybe it will warm up enough to make the sap run. It’s quite different than last year.

March 25 was the funeral of Eli E. Miller, 85, of Hayes Road. Also, on March 24, was the funeral of Aden Chupp of Dalton, Ohio. He was married to the former Malinda Hershberger and lived on Patch Road before moving to Dalton. Quite a few friends and family went to the calling hours on March 23.

Richard Miller is coming along pretty well from his accident. It will be three more weeks until he will be able to put a little weight on his leg. Their visitors the evening of March 23 were Crist and Clara Hershberger, Perry and Katie Ann and three sons, and Joe and I.

First time grandparents are daughter Betty and Melvin Byler of Mio, Mich., after their son Nathan and Ruth had a daughter, Julie Ann, born early in the morning of March 24.

Albert and Mary Ann Yoder of Tavern Road are planning to raise and sell produce. They will sell their dairy herd this spring if plans hold out.

It’s time to get spring cleaning done, so once it warms up, we can get things done outside. Last year we were already mowing lawns by this time. But, I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

We are sorry to hear Raymond M. Miller of Jug Road is not feeling well because of heart failure. Hospice is helping out.

Happy birthday wishes go to granddaughter Edna Mae Miller on March 31. Some of her friends surprised her on the evening of March 28.

Our church and the community are grieving along with the Eli and Esther E. Byler family of Tavern Road since the passing of their special son Joseph. He was killed on March 30 when their buggy was hit from behind on Route 168. Also hurt were his two sisters. One was taken to Cleveland Hospital and the other one to Geauga. Joseph’s funeral was held in our shop on April 2.

Jason Miller has joined the “Broken Bone Club” when he fell twisting his ankle and tearing ligaments. He has a doctor’s appointment on April 4 to see if he will need surgery. Jason is the son of Richard who has the two broken ankles and left leg. The doctor says it will be a six to eight week recovery. Don’t suppose he’ll be playing baseball for a while.

The weather seemed more like spring on March 31. It was a beautiful day to dry laundry. It’s time to plant early peas and lettuce.


Andy missed church more often than not. Father Murphy met him on the street one day and asked why he didn’t come to church more regularly.

“There are too many hypocrites in church,” Andy replied.

“Well,” the priest said. ” There’s always room for one more.”

You all have a good week.

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