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June 2 was a beautiful morning. The clothes all dried even though we had a few sprinkles. We could use a good soaker.Farmers are putting…

June 2 was a beautiful morning. The clothes all dried even though we had a few sprinkles. We could use a good soaker.

Farmers are putting up first cutting hay, earlier than most years. Produce fields are looking good even if they a late start.

Born to granddaughter Rosanna and Aden M. Troyer, a daughter named Margaret Ann. She was born early in the morning on May 30 at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, but was then transferred to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. She was then released on June 1. Grandparents are Dan and Sylvia Miller and Mel and Ellen Troyer. Great-grandparents are Owen and Ada Miller and Joe and I.

We are invited to a wedding in Jasper, N.Y., on June 5 of a great-niece. I am not sure if a vanload will go or not.

Joe and I were invited for a brunch at son Wayne’s on June 1. It was delicious. Wayne had made it all on the grill. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks, Wayne and Judy.

June 2 was moving day for Marty and Barbara Mast. They lived on Barb’s grandfather’s place, but it was sold, so they moved down on Route 305 somewhere. Reuben Troyers of Clymer, N.Y., bought their place. It was the former “Tinner” John home.

On May 31, daughter Sylvia and daughter-in-law Judy (Ray) and granddaughter Ruth Ann and John Mark took their children to Deer Park. They had a very enjoyable day. It is a very fun place to take the little people.

We got a good shower the morning of June 3. It will make the produce farmers happy.

I had welcome callers the morning of June 3. They were my niece Mary Ellen Mullet from Plymouth, Ill., who was visiting her aunts and cousins, with her cousin Elva Yoder as her guide. Mary Ellen plans to leave on the train the morning of June 4 for Jasper, N.Y., for the wedding of her sister Jonas and Esther Schrock. Her husband left for home on June 2, so they have lots of strawberries to pick.


Two salesmen met on the elevator as they were leaving work for the day.

“What sort of day did you have?” the first one asked.

“I had a great day,” his friend said. “I established a lot of goodwill for the company all over town. How did you do?”

“I didn’t sell anything either,” his friend said.

A man was walking down a country road and called to a farmer in his field, “How far is it to the nearest filling station?”

“About six miles,” the farmer said, “as the crow flies.”

“How far is it,” the man asked, “if the crow has to walk and carry an empty gasoline can?”

Happy birthday on June 3 to grandson Myron P. Miller and to son Wayne on June 4.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest!

You all take care and enjoy the summer.

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