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By Sara Miller

Brrr … its cold again, but the sun is trying to peek through. I hung some laundry out the morning of Dec. 30 and it wasnt too bad. The laundry always smells nice.

We are sorry to hear Joe A. Kauffman is in the hospital again. He had a hospital stay several weeks ago, also with heart related issues. His brother Eli and Clara were down from Mio, Mich., to visit him Dec. 20. Also coming with Elis were Albert and Sylvia and Joey and Betzy Miller, who had a get-together at Crist and Susan Millers house with the rest of their families. Alberts also got together with our siblings at Mel and Fannie Yoders, being Sylvia is our sister. We got together the evening of Dec. 19 along with Eli and Clara, who is also our sister.

Our nephew Norman Ray Millers son Jason, 19, got his arm caught in a sawmill accident on Dec. 16, cutting off three of his fingers and cutting up his elbow really bad. They live in Mio, Mich. He was flown to the hospital in Ann Arbor, a three hour drive by car. They plan to do surgery in a week or two to try and reconstruct his elbow.

I have our first fresh pork chops frying on my cook stove. It smells good. We cut up our pigs on Dec. 14 and it has been cold enough to keep meat frozen.

Our family plans are to get together for Christmas at son Ray and Judys on New Years Day. Guess daughter Betty and family wont be coming down. They are busy doing inventory on their store. They have a furniture and dry goods store.

Going to church on Dec. 29 at Philip and Martha Millers on Rockwood Road were Crist and Clara Hershberger, Joe Jr. Miller and daughter Sarah, Ray, Judy, Allen Ray and Maria Miller, cousins Aden, Lori and Kenny Miller and Joe and I. Mrs. Kathryn Wengerd went along to Henry Yoders where the Gid Wengerd family had brunch. Some came from Munfordville, Ky.

Guess Katherine Byler can now quit counting the shopping days until Christmas for this year. And, we can start counting the sleeps until the baseball games start.

Our visitors the evening of Dec. 29 were son Perry, Katie, Ann and sons Steven and David.

Our thoughts are with Freemon and Betty Miller of Old State Road since hearing that she is not feeling well.

Time to get lunch ready, so will finish wishing a happy New Year to you all.

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Epitaph over a dentists grave: He is filling his last cavity.

Little boy to his friend: If somebody dies in the hospital, angels move him to the eternity ward.

You all have a good week.

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