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By Sara Miller We are in winters cold grip. As long as we dont get several feet of snow, that will be fine. It takes…

By Sara Miller

We are in winters cold grip. As long as we dont get several feet of snow, that will be fine. It takes lots of fuel to keep an old house warm, but so far, it has not been too bad.

We are sorry to hear Eli E. Miller of Hayes Road has been diagnosed with cancer. I dont know what treatments he will get.

On Jan. 8, daughter Betty and Melvin Byler came down from Mio, Mich. They spent until the afternoon of Jan. 11 with Melvins mom, Mrs. Ervin Anna Byler. She hasnt been feeling well from her cancer. She has a very bad cough. On Jan. 11, Melvins three married children and their spouses and three children still at home came down for the weekend. They visited their grandmother, and then later in the evening came down to spend the weekend here. On Jan. 12, most of our married children and grandchildren were here for brunch. After brunch, we sang a few songs. Joining us for several hours was my niece Viola Bontrager from Wisconsin. The visitors all left for their homes Sunday afternoon.

We are busy getting things ready for the maple syrup meeting being held here Jan. 24 and 25. Friday evening will be display night with snacks and other foods made using some maple syrup. Its amazing what folks come up with. Everything is delicious.

Going to Aden and Rosanna Troyers the evening of Jan. 20 for Adens birthday were Dan and Sylvia and children, Danny Ray and Betty Miller, Joe and I. We were served ice cream, cake and other snacks. It was an enjoyable evening. We also had coffee and pop for those not drinking coffee.

Among those going to the horse sale in Harrisburg, Pa., on Jan. 15 were Richard and Wayne Miller, their spouses and several children. Richards family spent the night with their friends Abner and Mattie Stolzfus, coming home the evening of Jan. 16.

Teacher Abner Miller is planning to make breakfast at the Saw Mill Lane school on Jan. 24. That should prove to be interesting. Good luck, Abner.

Our thoughts are with the Bill Detweiler family as it will be one year on Jan. 26 that their mother died. Mrs. Detweiler (Ellen) was my sister and she died on my birthday. My sister Sadie Hershberger died Nov. 15, 2005, on my sister Emmas birthday. How strange is that?

Feb. 4 will also be one year since grandpa John died. He is still greatly missed, but he had a long productive life, living for 92 years.

Did You Know?

The worlds largest peninsula is Arabia, with an area of about 1,250,000 miles.


Old age is when it takes longer to rest than to get tired.

The best thing about recalling our crazy old times is how much it embarrasses the kids.

You all have a good week.

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