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By Sara MillerWinter is still here. I imagine we will all be ready for spring.Will it be a short sugaring season? Last year at this…

By Sara Miller
Winter is still here. I imagine we will all be ready for spring.
Will it be a short sugaring season? Last year at this time, much syrup had already been made.
A son, Joshua, was born to Ben and Marion Slabaugh of Mumford Road. Grandparents are Robert and Anna Slabaugh of Patch Road and first-time grandparents Marty and Susan Miller of Shedd Road.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Allen and Elizabeth R. Miller of Tavern Road after Elizabeth did not receive a good report from her doctor.
Planning to get married on Feb. 13 are widower Reuben Kuhns and Katie Hershberger of Wisconsin. Reuben is the son of Manas and Irene Kuhns of Grove Road. His first wife was a daughter of Eli and Annie Miller of Hayes Road. After their marriage, they moved to Granton, Wis. There may be a chartered bus going for the wedding.
Coming down from Mio, Mich., the afternoon of Feb. 8 were our daughter Betty and Melvin and Joey and Betsy Miller. Melvins came to visit his sick mother, Mrs. Anna Byler. Joeys went on to Guys Mills, Pa., to visit their married children until the afternoon of Feb. 9. They came back to visit Besty’s dad, Bill Detweiler. They left for home at noon Feb. 10, as one of their church members, Melvin Bontrager, died the morning of Feb. 8 as they were leaving to come down here. His funeral was Feb. 11.
On Feb. 8, I along with Dan and Sylvia, Perry, Ray and Judy and two children and Andrew, Cindy, Chester and Timmy, all Millers, went to the Home and Flower Show. By late afternoon, the place was packed. It was an interesting day.
Mrs. Melvin (Fannie) Yoder has been laid up with a very sore leg. She has a blood clot. It got worse after the long ride to Cashton, Wis., when we went for our brother Menno’s funeral. It is slowly getting better. Hang in there, sis!
Taking daughter Betty and Melvin out for breakfast the morning of Feb. 10 were sister Sylvia and Dan, brothers Ray and Judy, Rich and Susan, Mark and Fan, Wayne and Judy, and Joe and I. After breakfast, we all came back to our house until Melvins left for home at noon. They live in Mio, Mich.
On Feb. 10, our family surprised son Mark for his birthday. He lives out on Parkman-Mespo Road.
If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher.
One reason the dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.
You all have a good week.

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