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It's 35 degrees on Feb. 23. Getting rid of some snow. Maybe soon the maple syrup guys will be able to tap trees.There is still…

It’s 35 degrees on Feb. 23. Getting rid of some snow. Maybe soon the maple syrup guys will be able to tap trees.

There is still much flu and colds going around. So far, we haven’t got it.

Born to John Mark and Ruth Ann Hershberger, son number two named Caleb Ray. Grandparents are Ray and Judy Miller of Shedd Road and Bob and Sylvia Hershberger of Tavern Road. This is also our great-grandson.

Mrs. Bob Sylvia Hershberger had a biopsy done on Feb. 21 on her thyroid. She should have the results sometime this week.

Word was received today of the passing of Mrs. Melvin Barbara Gingerich of Mio, Mich. She was 62 years old. Before they moved to Michigan, they had lived on the Gamble farm on Taylor Wells Road. Her folks were Eli and Amanda (Maudie) Yoder. Elis had all girls. Later, Olin Yoders Jr. moved on the same farm and they also had all girls. But, girls can also work as farm girls.

At one time, I helped out Elis after the birth of their two youngest girls. They were a very pleasant family to work for. We lived down on Route 422 and I would go up on Monday morning and stay until Saturday evening. Then, I’d go back the next week for two or three weeks … some of the good old days. I would like to go to the funeral if it works out. We will see.

Grandson Joey, son of Mark and Fan, spent a week in University Hospitals with a kidney disorder and a blood clot on the brain. He will need to be on blood thinner shots for three months or more, and also on steroids for another six months or so, unless things change. He is 11 years old and the family address is: 7952 Parkman-Mespo Road, Middlefield, OH 44062, if anyone cares to send him a card.

Feb. 24 is the funeral of Mrs. Daniel Malinda Miller, 73, of Morris Road in Orwell.

Wood and coal piles are going down fast. Non-Amish neighbor across the street was almost out so a couple of our grandsons helped him cut some down in his pasture. It was not much fun in the snow.

On Feb. 22, we had a meeting here for farmers and produce growers. Topics were on improving soil, soil testing, foliar feeding, transplant solutions, soil microbes, proper concept of liquid fertilizer, dry fertilizer recommendations and learning to read one’s plants. Speakers were Leon Hershberger of Holton, Mich., and Brian Denlinger of Brookville, Ohio. Local dealer is Joey Miller of Shedd Road. Pizza, pie, ice cream and drinks were served.

It’s Feb. 24 and we are having more winter weather. My day turned out a little different then expected as daughter-in-law Ray Judy slipped on ice and I went to the emergency room with her. Doctors did a cat scan and she has a concussion. She had to stay the night.

A chartered bus planned to leave the evening of Feb. 25 for the funeral of Mrs. Barbara Gingerich in Mio, Mich., returning Feb. 26 after the funeral.

Thought for the Day

If you don’t hear opportunity knocking, find another door.

You all have a good week.

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