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Winter came early. Is everyone ready? I really am not. The children thought it was wonderful, but that will change once they get older. The…

Winter came early. Is everyone ready? I really am not. The children thought it was wonderful, but that will change once they get older.

The funeral of Jake Detweiler of Newcomb Road was held this week. Our sympathy goes to the family. He was 89 years old.

Ray F. Miller of Pritchard Road, Garrettsville, spent several days in the hospital again this week. He was having much pain again. He has had several back surgeries and is not able to work.

Surprising Mrs. Bill Edna Byler for her 80th birthday the afternoon and evening of Oct. 25 were sister Fannie and Mel Yoder, sister Clara and Eli Kauffman, sister Sylvia and Albert Miller and Joe and I. The Elis and Alberts came down from Mio, Mich. On Oct. 26, the Elis then attended the auction at Jake Gingerichs on Burton-Windsor Road, and Alberts attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Robert and Nora Miller of Jug Road. Congratulations.

Our singing group visited Esther and Nelson Miller of Jug Road the evening of Oct. 22. Esther is now able to put a little weight on her leg that was broken a month ago.

The benefit auction for the D.D.C. Clinic at the Middlefield Auction Barn grossed $89,000. A big thank-you goes to all who helped make it successful. The clinic is located on Route 528 north of Route 87. It is a beautiful facility.

It was a beautiful day Oct. 27. Some children were missing from church due to the stomach flu. Hopefully they will be able to go back to school soon.

If plans hold out, daughter, Mrs. Danny Ray Miller (Sylvia), daughters-in-law, Joe Saloma, Richard Sue, Ray Judy, Wayne Judy, Mark Fan, Mary Jane Byler and Mrs. Bob Sylvia Hershberger are going to Mio, Mich., to surprise daughter Betty Byler for her birthday. We planned to leave around midnight Oct. 29 and return in the afternoon. Mrs. Bob Sylvia planned to visit at her uncle Milo Millers house.

Having supper at Al and Mae Kauffmans on Oct. 27 were Maes parents, Joe and Saloma Miller and daughters Sarah and Leona, and Joe and I. Mae is our granddaughter. They live on Route 528. We had fresh grilled steaks and all the trimmings.

There will be a benefit auction and barbecue chicken dinner at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 1 at Joes Window Shop at the corner of Shedd Road and Route 168 for Prairie Lane School.

The annual Amish Craft Show is Nov. 9 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Joes Window Shop, with more than 40 vendors. Lunch will be served. There will also be doughnuts, fry pies, coffee and pop and baked goods, something for everyone.


Two business partners went fishing in a small rowboat and suddenly a storm blew up. The boat capsized and one of the men began to swim; his partner floundered and sputtered.

Say, Harry, the swimmer said to the sinking man. Can you float alone?

My, my, cried the sinking man. Im drowning and he talks about business.

You all have a good week.

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