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Beautiful weather we are having with warm days and cool…
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Beautiful weather we are having with warm days and cool nights. There is a feel of fall in the air. Signs of fall are the…

Beautiful weather we are having with warm days and cool nights. There is a feel of fall in the air.

Signs of fall are the Geauga County Fair, followed by the starting of schools, apples being picked and made into cider, the Apple Butter Festival, crickets singing and cool sleeping weather.

The 2013 Hershberger reunion once again left us with many precious memories. We left for Cashton, Wis., the morning of Aug. 20. A chartered bus came up from Troutville, Pa., with 14 passengers and picked up 38 people from here, leaving at 7:45 a.m. We arrived at our first drop-off at 8 p.m. Some went along to visit relatives while we others were at the reunion.

Those who went to visit relatives were Andy and Sara Schmucker, Emma M. Miller, Mary Hershberger, Mrs. Alma Kempt, Sam and Miriam Miller and four girls who all visited at their cousins John Kempts house. We had between 450 and 500 people at the reunion. Relatives came from Michigan, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Ohio. Eight of us brothers and sisters were able to be there. Brother Menno who has only 22 percent of his heart working was able to be at the reunion for several hours. The bus left for home early the morning of Aug. 22, arriving at home at 9 p.m. It was a wonderful trip.

The evening of Aug. 23 we had a benefit auction for Grove Road School. They raised over $10,000. There were many nice items sold. The crowd was a little on the small side probably due to there being several other benefits the same evening.

Happy 20th birthday goes to grandson Richard Jr. today. He is having some friends over for a cookout on Aug. 27. Joe and I were up last night for cake and ice cream for his birthday. His family presented him with 20 gifts.

We were sorry to hear that neighbor Abner J. Miller was in the hospital. He came home for the weekend but needs to go back for more tests. We hope he will be able to teach school again. He teaches at Saw Mill Lane School on Shedd Road.

It was a beautiful morning on Aug. 26 and a nice day to spend time at the Middlefield auction. Daughter Sylvia, Danny Ray, Betty and three of our grandchildren went. It is much different than years ago when I took my children. Then they had an animal auction with all kinds of animals to sell. Now, there are many vendors with everything from produce to school supplies, households, plants, old things and new things. It has almost anything one can imagine. It was a fun day.

The moms are working on cleaning the schoolhouses, getting ready to start school on Sept. 3.

Joe and I have plans to visit daughter Betty and family next week, Sept. 5-7, in Mio, Mich. We are going with Menno and Sara Miller and several others. They want to visit widow Barbara Miller.

Our granddaughter Lorena Byler, daughter of Betty and Melvin, and Loren Miller have plans to be married on Oct. 3. They live in Mio, Mich. We plan to travel with a chartered bus.

Aug. 29 is the wedding of neighbor Clara, daughter of Jerry and Lydiann Miller.


A woman driver whose parked car rolled into another car was asked by a policeman, Why didnt you set your emergency brake before you got out?

Emergency brake! she replied. Since when is mailing a letter an emergency?

Food for Thought

A young pastor announced ner-vously, I will take for my text the words, And they fed five men with 5,000 loaves of bread and 2,000 fishes.

At this misquotation, an old parish-ioner said, Thats no miracle. I could do that myself.

The next Sunday, the preacher announced the same text. This time he got it right.

And they fed 5,000 men on five loaves of bread and two fishes.

He waited a moment, then leaned over the pulpit and asked the old parishioner, And could you do that, too, Mr. Smith?

Of course I could, Mr. Smith replied.

And how could you do it? the preacher asked.

Mr. Smith answered, With the leftovers from last Sunday.

Thought for the Day

There is no sense in advertising your troubles, theres no market for them.

If you cant see the bright side, polish the dull side.

You all enjoy the rest of the summer.

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