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Breeders and Feeders Breeders and Feeders 4-H Club held its…
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Breeders and Feeders Breeders and Feeders 4-H Club held its most recent meeting on June 22 at the Troy Community House. Before the business meeting,…

Breeders and Feeders

Breeders and Feeders 4-H Club held its most recent meeting on June 22 at the Troy Community House. Before the business meeting, the poultry members practiced for skillathon and went over the schedule for checking animals in at the fair.

Swine members did a crossword puzzle on pig parts and also discussed handling of the pig in the summer heat. Rabbit members practiced for Skill-a-thon.

The business meeting was called to order by president Kelsey Z. A report on heat stress and sun safety for people and their animals was done by health officer Danielle D.

During new business, many important dates were given. Safety posters are due to the Extension Office by Aug. 16. The first year member meeting for important fair information will be held July 31 at 7:30 p.m. at the School Building on the fairgrounds. 4-H night at the Captains game is Aug. 12 and July 13 is Skill-a-thon from 9 to 11 a.m. and project judging will be held in the afternoon of that day.

The clubs summer picnic meeting is July 27. Members should bring their fair book entries to that meeting as they are due Aug. 7.

Hoof trimming was discussed, so get in touch with Walkers if anyone needs to sign up. Members also discussed the fair booth decorations for the Junior Fair Building. Kelli B. brought up the yearly canoeing trip.

During the business meeting, the Cloverbuds worked on their collages, made pins of themselves with their animal and played the 7-Up game.

After the business meeting, the beef members met and reviewed their project books and practiced for skillathon.

The next meeting will be held July 27. There will be a practice held on July 10 for anyone interested in practicing for skillathon. (Submitted by Kelli Briggs, news reporter)

Field To The Plate Field Trip

The fun all started at The Timmons Farm where 4-H members learned about healthy crops from Mr. Mitchell. He explained the process of planting and maintaining healthy crops for animal and human consumption. Then everyone listened to a lecture on healthy nutrition from OSUE FCS educator Terri Worthington. She talked about eating a healthy diet with a variety of colors and the importance of knowing what is going into our bodies.

The next stop was Horst Packing. Mr. Horst gave a tour from the beginning to the end of packaging meat. The group also learned about different cuts and grades of meat and where they come from.

From there, the group went to Snyder Beef Farm where Mr. Snyder explained about feedlot cattle. Members got to tour his operation. After the tour, everyone was invited to have lunch in a pavilion with a lake view on his property. Thank you, Mr. Snyder

After lunch, the group went to Bakers Golden Dairy. Ms. Baker provided a wonderful tour describing the pasteurizing and bottling of their milk. They have many flavors such as root beer, mango, cookies and cream and chocolate. Ms. Baker gave the members samples to try along with cookies. They were all very good.

The last stop was Witmer Feed & Grain. Brian gave a great tour of the mill. Witmer Feed has a very cool history.

Everyone had a great time and cannot wait until next year to see what the Advisory Committee has planned for the group to do. The trip was sponsored by Geauga County 4-H Advisory Committee & Witmer Feed. (Submitted by Ryan Ivans, news reporter)

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