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Brrr … its a little chilly. A little fire feels…
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Brrr ... its a little chilly. A little fire feels good. Our community was once again saddened by the death of Erwin Kuhns Jr. He…

Brrr … its a little chilly. A little fire feels good.

Our community was once again saddened by the death of Erwin Kuhns Jr. He was killed in an accident on the way to work on Sept. 17. His son David was also injured. The funeral was Sept. 21. Sept. 22 was the funeral of Mrs. Dan Sarah Detweiler of State Route 534. She died of cancer. Our sincere sympathy goes out to both families.

The benefit of dinner and auction at Joes Window Shop the evening of Sept. 20 brought in around $14,000. This was for Turkey Meadow and the new school on Phalanx Mills Road.

On Sunday night, our family had a birthday party for our son-in-law Danny Ray Miller. We had grilled burgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, salad, melons, homemade ice cream and cake. It was a tad bit chilly to sit outdoors, but the campfire felt good.

Many folks were in Mumfordville, Ky., the past several weeks for weddings. Mrs. John Mat Miller went on a chartered bus, leaving the morning of Sept. 9 and returning the evening of Sept. 11.

Owen and Cindy Miller of Shedd Road have moved to a place in the Southington area. They sold their place to Bob and Katie Byler who had lived on Swine Creek Road.

Trees are starting to change color and soon well be digging out our winter clothes. Hopefully October will bring us some nice warm days yet.

The evening of Sept. 20, there was a benefit auction and lunch stand at the Middlefield Auction Barn for Dan and Esther Miller of Farmington Road. Esther had a stroke several months ago and is still quite handicapped. They raised over $35,000. A big thank-you goes out to the whole community who helped make it a success.

The evening of Sept. 27 there will be a benefit hay-stack dinner and auction at Joes Window Shop for Stagecoach Run School. Everyone is welcome.

Announced for marriage on Oct. 10 are Katie Mae, daughter of David and Emma Miller of Donley Road, and Owen W., son of Bill and Betzy Miller of Tavern Road.

Our family has a bus chartered to go to Mio, Mich., leaving the morning of Oct. 2 for the wedding of our grand-daughter Lorena Byler and Loren J. Miller. We plan to come home Oct. 4. There will also be a smaller bus going with the Byler family and a van load of the grooms mothers Detweiler family.


A man driving a pickup truck pulled alongside the barn and hailed the farmer.

How much is that old bull out by the road worth? the visitor asked.

Well, that depends, the farmer said slowly. Are you the tax assessor, do you want to buy him or did you run him down with your truck?

Thought for the Day

A face without a smile is like a lantern without a light.

Remember, every time you open your mouth to talk, your mind walks out.

You all have a good week.

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