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Hambden Township
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2014 Township MeetingsIn 2014, township trustees will continue to meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the township…

2014 Township Meetings
In 2014, township trustees will continue to meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the township hall. January, however, is the exception. Trustees will meet on Jan. 8 because New Year’s Day falls on the first Wednesday.
Christmas Tree Recycling
Hambden Township has once again received a grant for Christmas tree recycling. Christmas trees can be placed in the container at the township park Dec. 27 through Jan. 19.
Please note that there will not be anyone to assist you and please do not leave the trees on the ground for the road crew to pick up.
Cemetery Decorations
The question has recently come up about removal of decorations from gravesites in Hambden Cemetery. Although it is posted at the cemetery that all decorations will be removed twice a year on March 15 and Nov. 15, it seems there has been a problem with residents referring to the sign.
When purchasing a gravesite, residents are given a copy of the rules and regulations and township trustees have made sure that the information is also included there.
All decorations will be removed from the gravesites twice a year on March 15 and Nov. 15 no matter when they were placed there. So, be sure if there is something one wants to save and put there again to remove it before the stated dates.
Because weather can be an issue in timely removal, it would be a good idea to wait a few days if one plans on replacing the decorations or call the township office at 440-286-4364 to check if removal has taken place.
We all want to honor our loved ones, but the cleanup is necessary for cemetery maintenance. Thank you for understanding. Please call Nadine Pope at 440-286-3273 with any questions.
Park Board Opening
After many years of valuable service to the township park board, Cindy Chilbert has found she can no longer serve. Trustees want to thank her for all she has contributed to the park and township over the years. Cindy, everyone will miss you.
The park board is now in need of another township resident who would be willing to help serve in the planning and decision making process for the future of the township park. If anyone is interested and would like more information, please call the township office at 440-286-4364.
Happy Holidays
Everyone at the township hall would like to wish all residents a very safe, healthy and happy New Year. We hope everyone is able to spend time with family and friends and always take precautions to be safe on the roadways this time of year.
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