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Happy Father’s Day June 16It’s time for all dads to…
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Happy Father's Day June 16It's time for all dads to be recognized for the responsibilities they take on to bring up their children with the…

Happy Father’s Day June 16
It’s time for all dads to be recognized for the responsibilities they take on to bring up their children with the characteristics that have made family life so precious and for all the sacrifices they make to earn the true title of “Dad.”
God bless all the dads out there.
Friends of the Library Meeting
The annual meeting of the board members of the Chardon Friends of the Library will begin June 13 with dinner at the Geauga County Library Public Library System Administration building. All of the Friends’ groups meet once a year to discuss successful programs and ideas that can be used for future programs to benefit the kids and adult programs alike. I have been actively involved with the board for more than 20 years and have loved every minute.
GCRW Flag Day Luncheon
The Geauga County Republican Women’s Club will host a luncheon at Bass Lake Tavern June 14 for community members interested in hearing about the life of Betsy Ross and continuing the tradition that this fun-filled event represents – freedom and liberty in America.
Summer Concert Series
The summer concerts on the square begin June 14 with the Chardon Polka Band from 7-9 p.m. Bring a blanket, lawn chair, the family and some change for popcorn and soda offered at the Log Cabin. I hope to help other Chardon Kiwanis volunteers set up and coordinate the event for the evening.
Check out the great buys at the farmer’s market from 4-8 p.m. on Short Court Street as well.
Happy Birthday Wishes
Chardonite Carl Speck, who served valiantly in World War II, will celebrate his youthful 88th birthday on June 15. I wrote an in-depth story on his life during the war and his return to the European Theater with a fellow soldier a few years ago.
Nancy and Carl Speck will also celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on June 20.
Nancy was the recipient of the Library Chapman Award several years ago for her unselfish dedication to the library. She does the same for the Geauga County Retired Teachers Association, sings in the church choir and so much more. God bless them both.
Comment For The Day
Anyone who was fortunate enough to participate in any of the activities that took place in and around Chardon Square last weekend was welcomed with some super treats. I enjoyed a delicious meal at Rosepointe Cottage on Saturday. Then, I laughed myself silly with the “Serendipity” spoof performed at the Geauga Theater. I then stopped by the White Barn next to the theater and got some super bargains, including a 1925 book of “Heidi” for $1.
I also laughed myself silly at the humorous skits put on by the senior center actors at city hall. Madelon Horvath did a great job at directing. The air was filled with extraordinarily talented musicians on Chardon Square.
I also checked out some great buys for my granddaughter on Sunday during the kid’s garage sale on the Square. Chardon has some great entrepreneurs that know how to barter their wares. Everyone had a great time.

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