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Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country
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Its Sunday evening, the wind is blowing and its cold. There is still much flu going around. We had 12 mothers missing in church today…

Its Sunday evening, the wind is blowing and its cold.

There is still much flu going around. We had 12 mothers missing in church today and many children, too.

There have already been five funerals in our Amish community in January, with the last one Jan. 19 of Mrs. Aden Nancy Yoder of Clark Road. She died after a long battle with cancer, leaving her husband and 11-year-old daughter Marcia. Nancy was the daughter of Homer and Martha Yoder. Adens parents live in Kentucky. Aden and Marcia will live with his in-laws. Nancy was 32 years old. Our sincere sympathy goes to the family.

Grandpa John J. Miller has not been feeling the best the last few weeks. He was scheduled for a stress test Jan. 21. He is 92 and still preached in church on Sunday.

Crist S. Yoder of Mumford Road had shoulder surgery last week. He was going in for his first therapy on Jan. 21. He is coming along well.

Going to Lewisville, Ohio, on Jan. 16 to the viewing of Mahlon J. Troyer were John, Jonas, Joe, Wilmer, Chester and John (Sonny), all Millers, Chester and Edna Byler, John and Arlene Schrock, Kathy Troyer, and Albert and Susie Miller. Mrs. Troyer is a sister to John and Jonas. The funeral was on Jan. 17.

Clarence Bender of Newcomb Road is in Heather Hill for rehabilitation after being in the hospital for several days.

Visitors with grandpa John tonight were neighbors Roman and Ada Schlabach.

Winter came back Jan. 22, much to the childrens delight. It takes much fuel to keep the house and two shops going. Grandpa John has plenty of gas lantern repairs and other repair work to do, as he feels able. For a 92-year-old, he does very well.

Steve D. Byler, of Parkman-Mespo Road, had heart surgery a week ago at University Hospitals in Cleveland. He was possibly going to be released on Jan. 22. We wish him better days ahead. His brother Mose of Shedd Road has been having more pain at times. He has cancer. Mail and visitors are very welcome.

We are busy getting ready for the annual maple syrup meeting taking place here this weekend. Friday evening will be an open house with snacks served and then Saturday will be a meeting followed by a chicken dinner. We do not have a count yet on how many will attend, but last year there were a little over 100.

Did you know?

Scientists estimate that at any one time, there is more than a quadrillion ants living on the earth. There are an estimated 12,000 to 14,000 species of the insect ranging from 1/32 of an inch to two inches in length. Ant behavior is one of the most engrossing studies of entomologists. They credit ants with an important role in the overall ecology of the earth. They are estimated to turn over, aerate and fertilize 600 pounds of soil per acre each year, recycling dead animals and insects, and provide food for lizards, birds and other insect-eating animals.


After boasting of his prowess as a marksman, the hunter took aim on a lone duck overhead.

Watch this, he said.

He fired and the bird flew on.

My friends, he said with awe. You are now viewing a miracle. There flies a dead duck.

The worst crop failure I ever saw was back in 88, said the old timer. The corn crop was almost nothing that year. One day mom cooked some corn for dinner and dad ate 14 acres at one sitting.

You all have a good week. Stay warm and enjoy the snow.

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