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Hello from Amish Country
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Our lives have changed due to the passing of grandpa John. He leaves a big vacancy in our home, family, church and neighborhood. After having…

Our lives have changed due to the passing of grandpa John. He leaves a big vacancy in our home, family, church and neighborhood. After having a heart attack the evening of Jan. 30, he declined fast. Son John Jr. was here Jan. 29 while we attended my sister Ellen Detweilers funeral. He came down from Mio, Mich., with others who came for the funeral. That day, grandpa was no longer able to walk alone and John pushed him out to his shop in the wheelchair. That was the last time he was in his shop.

On Feb. 2, sons Albert and Perry, grandsons John Ray and Laban from Tennessee came to visit and help with grandpa. They left for home the afternoon of Feb. 3. The afternoon of Feb. 4, son John Jr. and Esther came and he died several hours after they arrived. The large funeral was held here in our window shop on Feb. 7. Relatives came from Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Grandpa lived to be 92 years, 6 months old.

Melvin Yoder of Parkman spent almost a week in the hospital with a blood clot on both lungs. Visiting them the afternoon of Feb. 10 were Joe and I, Perry and Katie Ann, Dan and Sylvia, Joe Jr. and Ray, all Millers. We found him feeling much better.

Husband Joe is going through pre-operative testing to get ready for his third knee surgery. The first one was in 1978 when he had an accident when the team of horses ran away, resulting in a smashed knee. Then, in 1999, it was replaced and now it needs to be replaced again.

Some folks have tapped their maple trees. The maple meeting held here on Jan. 26 brought in many people. We served around 100 for lunch.

The Bill Stutzman tour left for two weeks vacation to Florida on Feb. 18. Among those going along were Crist and Clara Hershberger of Mumford Road.

Feb. 5 was the funeral of niece Ellen and Lester Mullets 17-year-old son who drowned when they were putting up ice in Cashton, Wis. No one from our area went for the funeral due to grandpa Johns illness.

Our singing group sang for widow Al Miller Tillie of Girdle Road the night of Feb. 15. We also took along snacks and coffee.

Most of our family went to the Air Works Expo in Kidron, Ohio, on Feb. 15. There were all kinds of exhibits on display, so it was an interesting day.


In spite of our skepticism, man has finally made a complete conquest of the air. He can now fly like a bird, but still has lots to learn from his feathered friends. It will be a long time, for instance, before he is able to sit comfortably on a barbed wire fence.

The circus acrobat found the clown in tears.

What in the world are you crying about? he asked.

The elephant d-d-died, sobbed the clown.

What of it? You didnt own him.

No-no, b-but the b-boss says Ive g-got to d-d-g his g-g-grave.

You all have a good week.

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