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Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country
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It is a nice morning on May 7, but it looks like it could rain. We could use a good soaker. The spring flowers are…

It is a nice morning on May 7, but it looks like it could rain. We could use a good soaker.

The spring flowers are so beautiful. The cooler weather has kept them blooming longer. Im anxious to get my flowerpots planted.

We visited neighbor Mose Byler on May 5. He was not feeling well and was not able to go to church. Also, neighbor Emma Byler had open heart surgery on May 2.

Sister Fannie (Mrs. Melvin Yoder) of Parkman had light stroke symptoms a few weeks ago, so has been under the weather. She had an MRI done, but I havent heard the results yet.

Spring cleaning is on the agenda as I have two girls coming to help me. Hopefully, we can get the living room done. Then, I need to get some sewing done for our grandsons double wedding. They are Norman Ray and Nathan, sons of daughter Betty and Melvin Byler of Mio, Mich. They plan to get married in Ossineke, Mich. They will marry sisters, Mary Ann and Ruth Gascho. They plan to live in Ossineke. The wedding is to be on May 22. We have a bus scheduled to leave on May 21 and come back the afternoon of May 22.

It was a chilly morning on May 13, but the sun is shining and hopefully it will warm up.

The blood drive here on May 11 brought in 65 donors. A big thank you goes out to all who came. The next drive is July 13.

Mrs. Dan (Esther) Miller of Farmington Road was rushed to Geauga Regional Hospital and then transferred to Cleveland following stroke-like symptoms caused by extremely high blood pressure. She is in stable condition.

May 16 is the wedding of Alma, daughter of Robert and Lena Hersh-berger of Mumford Road, and Johnny, son of John and Lavina Byler of Nash Road. Also, May 21 is the wedding of Laura, daughter of Ray and Barbara Detweiler, and Paul, son of Abner and Mary Miller of Mumford Road.

The evening of May 9, our family had a surprise 50th anniversary celebration party for Joe and me. Also invited were my sisters Fannie and Mel Yoder and Edna and Bill Byler, niece Ellen Hershberger and sister-in-law Saloma Miller and son Levi Jr. and guests Crist and Clara Hershberger.

We had a complete wedding dinner, cake and ice cream. It was a very beautiful setup. A big thank you goes out to all the children. We missed two families who were not there. It was a fun and enjoyable evening. We also sang some songs. Children and some of the young played volleyball.


A father returned home from his usual day at work in the fields and found his small son sitting on the front steps looking unhappy.

Whats wrong son? he asked.

Just between you and me, the lad replied confidentially. I simply cant get along with your wife.

You all have a good week.

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