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Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country
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Rain, rain, rain is falling on April 14. It would be good to have more sunshine. There are still colds and upset stomach going around.…

Rain, rain, rain is falling on April 14. It would be good to have more sunshine.

There are still colds and upset stomach going around. There were some absent from school. There are only 10 or 12 days of school left for the term.

Sugaring is over for another season and farmers are getting ready to sow oats. Quite a bit of plowing has been done.

Greenhouses are starting to take plants to the auction and so the busy season has begun.

We are sorry to hear of Nelson Stutzmans accident, where he was hit tin the face with a log. He was working in Pennsylvania so was taken to a hospital in Erie, Pa.

John Henry Yoder is also not well following a stroke. He is a widower and lives with his son Junior and wife Martha.

We had a very good turn out the evening of April 5 for the Sunny Hope School benefit dinner and auction. Raising around $27,000 gross. It was very much appreciated for all the help and donations.

On April 19, there was a benefit at Joes Window Shop for Austin Hunt, who has cancer. There will be a live and silent auction after a dinner of pizza and wings, salad and dessert.

Robert J. Miller, of Jug Road, and Enos D. Byler, of Parkman, are both doing well from their recent knee replacements. Enos may also have to have heart surgery again in the near future.

Emma J. Byler of Tavern Road is going in for open heart surgery in the near future. We wish her better days ahead.

Joe is coming along well from his knee replacement. He was back for his first checkup on April 9. The doctor said he can get rid of the walker and put full weight on his leg. So, hes out in the window shop again. Grandson Allen Ray has been helping out in the shop and grandson Andrew has been doing the barn chores. Its great to have grandsons close by. Thanks, guys.

Sister Liz and Joe might come down for Mio, Mich., to visit his brother John Henry who had a stroke. Joe also had a stroke several months ago and has recovered pretty well.

Mose D. Byler is having more pain due to his cancer. He enjoys company and mail, so lets cheer him up. His address is 15049 Shedd Road, Burton, OH 44021.

Tax Day was April 15. It was a beautiful day to dry laundry outside. I need to work in my flowerbeds before the weeds take over.


First mechanic: Which do you prefer, leather or fabric for upholstery in cars?

Second mechanic: I like fabrics. Leather is too hard to wipe your hands on.

John: Do you know what vehicle doesnt burn gas but is the most expensive to operate?

Mary: No. What vehicle is that?

John: A supermarket cart.

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