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Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country
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Brr ... it looks and feels like winter is here to stay for a while yet. I think the flu has let up for now,…

Brr … it looks and feels like winter is here to stay for a while yet.

I think the flu has let up for now, as we did not have many absent from church yesterday.

Our visitors for the weekend were my nephew Issac and Betty Hershberger, Vernon and Susie Stutzman and two children and Mose and Barbara Stutzman and two children, all from Marion, Mich. They have been to a wedding in Jasper, N.Y., on March 14 and stopped here, leaving for home the afternoon of March 17. They all joined us in church services on Sunday.

Visitors the evening of March 17 were Nelson and Ada Miller and three daughters.

The annual pancake breakfast for Sawmill Lane School held here the morning of March 15 brought in almost 600 people. Proceeds brought in between $9,000 and $10,000. A big thank-you goes out to all who came to support our school.

The morning of March 16, we had a pancake breakfast for the Drive-It-Yourself tour. We had 230 folks come. It was our first year doing the breakfast, so hopefully next year well have more coming.

March 22 and 23 is the annual open house at Mast Metal on Bundysburg Road, where there will be many local businesses having displays of all kinds of different products. Anyone is welcome to come and see what is available.

Joe is coming along well from his recent knee replacement. A therapist has been coming out a few times and then well do the therapy ourselves. He is starting to go out to the window shop a little bit each day. He can put only 25 percent of his weight on that leg for another three to four weeks. Then he will see his surgeon for a follow-up.

On April 5, there will be a benefit lunch stand and silent and live auctions at Joes Window Shop for Sunny Hope School. All are welcome.

Visitors with us the evening of March 18 were Eli, Ada, Tim and Elizabeth Weaver, Allen and Saloma Yoder, and Saloma, Levi Jr., Owen, Mary Ellen and Owen Jr. Miller.

Planning to come down for the safety meeting March 22 are sister Sylvia and Albert Miller, niece Betsy and Joey Miller, all from Mio, Mich. We women plan to get together while the men attend the meeting.

I feel sorry for those poor robins digging for worms in the snow… and those pesty starlings are making a comeback. I hope we can get rid of them before the martins come back.


Employee: Id like to have next Wednesday off, sir.

Boss: Why?

Employee: Its our silver anniversary and my wife and I want to go out and celebrate.

Boss: Are we going to have to put up with this every 25 years?

Willie, said the teacher. Describe the human race.

The human race is the men running after the women and the women running after the men, replied Willie.

You all have a good week.

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