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Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country
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It is a beautiful winter day on March 5. Laundry is blowing on the line. Spring is right around the corner ... I hope. The…

It is a beautiful winter day on March 5. Laundry is blowing on the line. Spring is right around the corner … I hope.

The community was once again saddened with the passing of Martha, wife of Crist J. Miller of Shedd Road. She died of cancer. The funeral was March 3. The family has our sincere sympathy.

Well, Joes surgery is now history, but the pain remains. He needs therapy for quite some time as he had a complete knee replacement. Visitors and mail are very welcome. Hopefully, by spring hell be able to do most anything again.

The benefit dinner and auction on March 1 for Tinker Creek School had a good turnout. They made around $17,000. Barbecue chicken was served.

On the evening of March 8, there will be a benefit pizza and wings dinner at Joes Window Shop for Peg Mulinax. There will also be an auction.

On March 9, the Bloodmobile will be at Joes Window Shop. Anyone is welcome to donate. Refreshments will be served.

Brother-in-law Joe J. Yoder of Mio, Mich., is not feeling well. He has a serious heart condition and is in the hospital after having a stroke. Mail would be a great pastime. Their address is 289 N. Galbraith Road, Mio, MI 48647.

Lucinda Yoder, daughter of Eli and Barbara of Mumford Road, spent several days in the hospital due to high sugar count. She is 10 years old, so she had to miss school. Her address is 17030 Mumford Road, Burton, OH?44021.

William W. Byler of Burton-Windsor Road had a serious heart operation in Cleveland University Hospitals while Joe was there, too. This was his second or third heart surgery. He will have a long recovery, so lets keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Grandson Allen Ray is keeping Joes Shop going while Joe is recovering. The grandsons keep our wood box and coal pails filled and take out the ashes. We will be glad for spring.

The folks who went on the Stutzman tour to Florida will probably remember their trip for a long time, especially the time their bus caught on fire. No one was hurt, so that was good. All told, they had a great time. Too bad they couldnt bring some heat back with them.

Relatives received word of the death of Mrs. Gid A. Miller of Cashton, Wis. The funeral was March 6. Gids were formerly from Geauga County, moving to Wisconsin in the late 1960s when a new settlement was started. It is beautiful country up there, but the winters are long.

Another death here in our community, with the passing of Jonas N. Hershberger, who had his 95th birthday on Jan. 13. The funeral is March 7.


Pardon me, officer, the pedestrian said in a busy intersection. Can you tell me how to get to the city hospital?

Yes, said the officer. Just stand right there a little longer.

You all have a good week.

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