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Rainy days ...

It was a rainy morning Oct. 7. It didnt look like a good day to dry laundry. The funeral of John S. Yoder, of Burton-Windsor…

It was a rainy morning Oct. 7. It didnt look like a good day to dry laundry.

The funeral of John S. Yoder, of Burton-Windsor Road, was Oct. 7. He died Oct. 4 at the age of 80. He lived with his daughter-in-law Erma after the death of his son Roy.

The funeral of Mrs. Harvey Alma Byler, 80, of Newcomb Road, was Oct. 8. She died after a battle with cancer. Lester and Ruth Mullet lived with the Harveys and were their caregivers.

Oct. 9 was the funeral of Noah J. Detweiler, 85, of Farmington Road in Parkman. He died after a long illness. He lived with his daughter Laura and Melvin Byler.

The families have our sympathy.

Our trip to Mio, Mich., was very much enjoyed. We left the morning of Oct. 2 by chartered bus, stopping at Cabelas on the way up. We arrived at John and Esther Millers at 5:15 p.m. and they had supper ready for us. After supper, we went to various places for the night, with some going to a motel and the rest to friends or relatives. We stayed at daughter Betty and Melvin Bylers, where our granddaughter Lorena and Loren Miller were married on Oct. 3. We left for home on Oct. 4 around 11 a.m. and arrived at home at 8:15 p.m. It was a very nice wedding and a nice day until the evening when we got some rain. Besides our family, Crist and Clara Hershberger, Robert and Nora Miller and Ellen Hershberger also went along.

Granddaughter Onie got hit in the mouth with a baseball, knocking out her two front teeth. The dentist put them back in, sewing them in with wires and he also needed to stitch her upper lip. She is pretty much on a liquid diet for a while. She is 12 years old and missed one week of school.

The morning of Oct. 6, Joe and I had brunch at son Joe Juniors house. Then our family also got together at Joes for a barbecue chicken dinner. Those who came were Perry, Katie Ann and boys, Dan and Sylvia and children, Richard, Sue and children, Wayne, Judy and children, Al and Mae Kauffman and children. We sat around the campfire, which before long we wont be able to do.

Well, it looks like it might clear up enough to dry clothes, after all. So, I should get my laundry done.

Did you know?

In Kublai Kahns China, anyone who had crops struck by lightning was excused taxes for three years. This was not selfless charity. The Chinese believed that lightning was a sign of Gods disapproval. So, if the Khan had accepted money from someone who had incurred Gods wrath, he would have brought ill fortune upon himself.

The Chinese, according to Polo, believed that the gall from a crocodiles belly had medicinal properties. They thought it could cure rabies and ease labor pains.


Mother: Where are you going, Donna?

Donna: Out to water the plants.

Mother: But, its raining.

Donna: So, Ill wear my raincoat.

You all have a good week.

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