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July 29 was a beautiful day to dry laundry, not…
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July 29 was a beautiful day to dry laundry, not so hot and a nice breeze. Already it feels like fall. We were sorry to…

July 29 was a beautiful day to dry laundry, not so hot and a nice breeze. Already it feels like fall.

We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Wallace Ada Kurtz of Brosius Road fell and broke several ribs and also has a punctured lung. We hope she will soon be healed.

They are working on Shedd Road again today. Maybe soon they will be done. What an improvement.

On July 28, Joe and I, along with Mrs. Ada Byler, Crist and Clara R. Hershberger, Crist and Ada Yoder, Spike and Rhoda Weaver, Katie Yoder, Robert and Nora, Esther and Nelson Miller went to Guys Mills, Pa., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Ervin T. Yoder. They are both not well. Ervin has Parkinsons disease and Clara has cancer. Their two single daughters still at home so faithfully care for them. We took supper along.

We are invited to the wedding of Rosanna, daughter of Henry and Rhoda Miller, of Mumford Road, and Eli Miller of Carrollton, Ohio. The wedding is Aug. 8. On Aug. 13 is the wedding of Linda, daughter of Ivan and Ada Schmucker, and Marty, son of Allen and Ada Miller of Shedd Road.

Bill Stutzman Tours left with Anderson Bus for points west, planning to be gone three weeks. Going from here were Rudy and Kathryn Detweiler and Jr. and Sara Ann Byler from Guys Mills, Pa.

We are planning to visit niece Edna Mae Miller and family in Freeport, Ohio, on Aug. 6. She is a daughter of my late sister Mary and Eli J. Miller. In 1962, Eli, Mary and family moved to Punxsut-awney, Pa. They were the first family to start a new settlement there. Several other families moved in also. In 1964, the first Amish school was built. Until then, the children went to public school. In 1963, a cheese factory was built. Those who worked there were paid $1.50 an hour. The first years work was hard to find. Thirty years later they had 13 schools, 11 church districts, many sawmills, craft shops and buggy shops. The Eli Millers later started a sister settlement in Troutville, Pa. They are both buried there and many of their family still there.

Bits from grandpas diary:

Hired men were paid $25 a month.

Total feed for cows in 1947 was $1,319.

Corn brought from Wicks was $142.71.

Total for milk sold was $3,491.40.


Doctor to patient: What fits your schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?

Diet rule #2: Never weigh more than your refrigerator.

You all have a good week.

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