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Kenston Schools
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Mix It Up DayMix It Up and make a new friend. Schools across Kenston observed "Mix It Up" Day on Oct. 29. PEAK ambassadors and…

Mix It Up Day
Mix It Up and make a new friend. Schools across Kenston observed “Mix It Up” Day on Oct. 29. PEAK ambassadors and high school students encouraged their peers to meet someone new during several specially scheduled lunches.
Last year, Kenston’s Timmons Elementary School was designated as a model “Mix It Up” school by the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Mix It Up” Model Schools have found innovative ways to create a school environment where respect and inclusiveness are core values. “Mix It Up” Day activities across Kenston are supported by the district’s PEAK, Peaceful Environment at Kenston, program.
TES Zoo Crew
Timmons Elementary School third-graders who work hard and show great effort are named to the Zoo Crew. Members of the Zoo Crew are rewarded with goofy and crazy games and activities before school each week for eight weeks.
Congratulations to the first quarter Zoo Crew members: Elliott Bargiel, Molly Bochenek, Katelyn Brogan, Hanna Busby, Maya Carrus, Isabella Eging, Ben Elliot, Lily Evans, Sam Flinderrs, Gillian Gembarski, Emme Gilbert, Ben Hamilton, Aidan Jackson, Madison Jones, Aidan Kenny, Sarah Kepreos, Jacob Koeppel, Havana Lloyd, Kaila Morris, Brooke Pagan, Fred Patterson, Madeline Ramsey, Logan Standley, Niko Stupica and Emma Wilson.
Timmons Lunch Bunch
Congratulations to Timmons Elementary School Students of the Month. The following first-graders honored with Respect awards were: Brady Baran, Braiden Blowers, Adrian Guirguis, Ryan Menary, Bryce Pocek, Marin Walz and Cade White.
Second-graders were Grant Beclay, Madeline Jaroch, Dylan May, Zachary Patell, Emily Phillips, Leah Ray, Pareesa Shaibani and Sophia Voudris. Third-graders were Devin Cinch, Benjamin DiMarco, Karlo Giulvezan, Anne Marie Lemons, Nathan Linsz, Jonah Morgan, Jack Rieger and Olivia Walker.
KMS Students of the Month
Kenston Middle School is pleased to announce its Students of the Month.
Students selected for Student of the Month honors were sixth-graders Valentino Carriero, Morgan Owen, Harris Skaramagas and Isabell Weinhofer; seventh-graders Anthony Cowoski, Olivia Heysek, Maya Scarpa and Brandon Schroeder; and eighth-graders Wesley Byrnes, Lauren Gratto, Erin Mast and Evan Measures.
Kenston Center Stage presents Acts of God
Kenston High School’s 2013 fall production, “Acts of God,” follows 12 teenagers as they sift through the emotional wreckage thrust upon them in the aftermath of a tornado that has ravaged their community. Uniquely presented on a raked stage with shifting scenes and reinforced with rear-projected imagery, this drama by award-winning author and playwright Mark Rigney promises to be a powerful and moving show.
According to the Evansville Courier & Press, Acts of God is an “…ever-flowing, constantly shifting, broadly ambitious examination of the emotional debris left behind by a fictional F-3 tornado…”
Kenston’s National Honor Society is partnering with Kenston Center Stage and the Cleveland American Red Cross to heighten awareness of disaster relief services and to collect donations. All donations will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Program’s mission to provide emergency aid to victims of natural disasters.
Performance dates are Nov. 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 17 at 2 p.m. at the Kenston High School Auditorium. All tickets are $7 in advance and $8 at the door. All seats are reserved.
For additional information or to order tickets, visit the Kenston High School website or call 440-543-9821, ext. 5277.
Child Find
Kenston Local Schools are committed to locating, identifying and evaluating all students with disabilities from age 3 through 22. If you know of a child who may have special educational needs, between the ages of 2 and 22, and not in school, call Rita Pressman at Kenston’s Special Education Office at 440-543-3013.

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