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Letters to Editor
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Letters from the community

As a resident, district administrator and parent of a 2008 Chardon graduate, I feel that I have a unique…

Ensure Future Generations Have Same Opportunities

As a resident, district administrator and parent of a 2008 Chardon graduate, I feel that I have a unique perspective on Issue #31, the Chardon Schools operating levy that is on the ballot in November.

First, I would like to say that my daughter attended Chardon Schools from kindergarten through 12th grade and received an excellent education that prepared her not only for college, but for the world of work. This was due to a rigorous academic program which included offerings from the arts as well as opportunities for extracurricular involvement, creating a well rounded educational experience.

At the elementary level, on a weekly basis she benefited from participation in both chorus and music classes, 50 minutes of art instruction, two physical education classes, a pullout program for gifted students, and numerous field trips.

At the middle school she took both sewing and cooking, multiple semesters of art and French for high school credit. At the high school she had the opportunity to take summer school classes in order to fit in the many course offerings that she wanted to take during the year. The highlight of her high school years was participating in four years of band and drama, activities she enjoyed at no additional charge to our family.

Sadly, in just five years time, all of the opportunities I just mentioned are no longer offered to our current students.

Voters have turned down the last five levy requests and as a result cuts have been made which have significantly diminished our ability as a district to uphold the tradition of excellence that we have enjoyed in the past.

As the principal of Munson Elementary, I have seen firsthand the numerous decreases to our operating budget, staff, programs and services, all while expectations for accountability, data collection and performing at an A level in all state report card areas have been steadily increasing.

Without additional funds the district is projecting a deficit of approximately $1.3 million in fiscal year 2015, which will require additional cuts that will further erode our educational program.

As a taxpayer, I understand that everyone has many choices to make at the polls. I urge you to join me in voting YES for Chardon Schools issue #31 to ensure that the future generation of Chardon students has the same opportunity for an excellent education that my daughter did.

Louise Henry


History is a Guide

Now that it is Oct. 1 and Obama-Reid Care is upon us, we might think about where this is going in the next six months, year or two. My prediction is nowhere good.

First of all, those of use that are seniors and have been dutifully paying into Medacare and Social security all these years are going to find we have been robbed. (Nothing new for the government). With the stroke of a pen, Obamacare is taking a goodly share of Medacare monies and giving them to Medicaid.

Not to be frightened though, we are still going to have access to the same benefits. The only problem is the government is drastically reducing what Medacare will pay doctors and hospitals for these services. At a certain point, these doctors and hospital will say it no longer cost effective to provide the service. Many already are.

If we want the service that difference between cost and payment will have to be provided by us or our supplemental insurance (if we have any). Either way it is going to cost us more. So expect the health care you are used to and desire to cost you more in the future.

Second, if you are a younger individual and have purchased insurance on an exchange forget about the if you like your doctor Obamaspeak. Outside of the Blues insurance companies, you will probably not recognize any of the companies offering exchange insurance. These exchange companies are specialists in managing Medicaid health care. They have the own limited networks of doctors and hospitals.

Everyone is concerned about the mechanics of getting health care. Few seem to be concerned about the quality of health care. There are doctors and then there are doctors. Not every hospital is of UH or Clinic quality. So after a few visits to the new network of doctors the younger insuree may decide to drop out of Obamacare and go back to old stand-by emergency room. The quality of care just isnt going to be what people expect and are used to.

Third, whenever the government, in its infinite wisdom, creates a program and decides to spend lots of money a whole multitude of companies spring up to take the largess. This will be no different. Anyone from drug stores on up will be conjuring to offer some health related service to Obamacare.

If we think Social Security disability fraud is bad, just wait. From double billing, non-existent patients, falsified income to billing for questionable services, we are creating a gold mine for investigative reporting.

If history is any guide, and I believe it should be, we are in for problems we cant even anticipate.

Doug Ralston

Chagrin Falls

One Chance at Quality Education

I am writing this letter to my neighbors, my friends and the citizens of the Chardon Local School District.

I moved into this community 11 years ago. I chose this community. I love this community.

I watched my neighbors children grow into responsible adults and listened to their parents praise of the education they had received. I paid my taxes to support that education.

My oldest child entered school in 2007. The last time a levy was approved was in 2006. We have seen $5 million in cuts since that time.

The biggest blow to our family came with the cancellation of the gifted program after the levy failure last fall. I watched my older daughter gain both knowledge and confidence through this program. She was able to file a patent at the age of 10. She won a scholarship. She helped write a published book. She was encouraged to love math and science.

Her sister was hoping for the same opportunities to be challenged, if not every day, at least once a week in this special class.

The day the levy failed, she truly felt that her community stopped supporting her it was personal. Her frustration was my wake-up call. I promised her that I would do something. I felt so much guilt that I didnt do enough the last time. I helped with bake sales and put a sign in my yard. But I didnt go to my neighbors doors and personally ask for their support. I didnt write this letter. So here I am, attempting to fulfill my promise by telling my story.

To my neighbors and others with grown children:

Things are very different than when your kids were in school. There is only one art teacher in the high school. There are no electives. Some kids have three study halls. There is no eigth-grade foreign language. There is no gifted program. Each season of every sport is $450 per child. There are not enough books. There are no field trips. Bus rides are as long as 1.5 hours each way (that is like driving to Cedar Point and back every day for work!) These are just a few examples.

To the non-supporters:

If you have questions, please seek the answers. Dont vote no because of a lack of information. Answers can be found at www.citizens4chardon or attend an informational meeting at Hambden Elementary School on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m.

If you dont agree with the state funding system, call your representatives. Go to Columbus. Dont use our children as political pawns.

To the levy supporters:

If you have a story, tell it. Tell it to everyone you know. Others need to know how bad it really is.

Sign up to adopt just eight voters. Choose people that you know. Find out how at www.citizens4chardon Some local levies have passed by less than eight votes.

Above all, please vote! Vote today.

The time to act is now. Our children only have one chance at a quality education and they are worth it. Please support Issue 31.

Rebecca Bennett

Chardon Township

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