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Letters to Editor
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Think About It Geauga County citizens owe a debt to Mr. Frank and Mr. Paeletto for their recent editorials. Why? Because their outlandish claims make…

Think About It

Geauga County citizens owe a debt to Mr. Frank and Mr. Paeletto for their recent editorials. Why? Because their outlandish claims make you chuckle or in my case belly laugh.

I wish I had the influence that is claimed. However, these editorials do provide another opportunity for us to talk about NOACA and NEOSCC, which I believe undermine the sover-eignty of Ohio and Geauga County.

Some 300 to 400 citizens took part in a forum, on a sunny Saturday, the 14th, to hear Judge Grendell, Rep. Matt Lynch, Brenda Mack, Alex Keleman, myself and Kim Laurie lay out a case in opposition to NEOSCC.

The four NE Ohio MPOs created NEOSCC so the MPOs to expand their power. What gave them the authority to do that?

NEOSCC is a dangerous organization, but dont believe me, go to their website and exercise your critical thinking skills. Should 589 citizens, most from Cleveland, choose a direction for 4 million? Should we siphon tax dollars to unaccountable and unelected regional board to improve Cleveland and Akron? A few of the many questions you might ask.

NOACA is one of the largest of 17 federally imposed metropolitan planning organizations in Ohio. MPOs are not think tanks. Their charter is to manage federal funding for URBAN area transportation planning roads and bridges. Their reach and their goals are far greater then they admit and the waste of your tax dollars is staggering.

There is not enough space to discuss MPOs; however, citizens can easily discover more at their websites.

NOACA has a new website, which has been scrubbed to remove the bad stuff. Type smart growth into the search engine and what is generated bad links. Employ critical thinking skills and you will discover some interesting things. Read the mission statement you might read improve the quality of life … by enhancing … economic development. How does that fit with an organization tasked to care for our roads you might ask?

I am an alternate board member, thanks to a responsible commissioner; however, NOACA is trying to limit who can be an alternate. Is limiting your commissioners choice good for Geauga County?

Of the 44 NOACA elected board members, only 3 are from Geauga County. How much influence do you think we have over Cleveland, Lake County, Medina and Lorain counties? NOACA leadership often says we represent the Greater Cleveland area. Is Geauga part of Cleveland in your mind? There are so many questions.

Regarding Chesterland, dont listen to others. Attend a meeting yourself and try asking a question about land conservancies, a permeable parking lot, anti-fracking resolutions without citizens support, etc. You will experience first-hand why this upcoming election is so important.

We have a dysfunctional township that has wasted thousands of your tax dollars. Is this because of Ken Radtke, who is outvoted 2 to 1? Think about it.

I moved to Chesterland because of its rural setting and its people. Lets join together to elect responsible trustees who respect their township and its citizens.

Skip Claypool

Chester Township

When Lies are Told

When lies are repeated often enough and long enough, some people will believe them. These lies must be exposed and refuted. Such is the need for me to correct recent orchestrated letters to the editor.

Lying to the public to create a false fear about non-existent zoning changes in Chester Township is the current political tactic being employed. These same lies were told during my campaign when several individuals said they heard I favored Chester Township becoming a city. That is absolutely false. I favor less government, not more, and a township is the only form of government I support for Chester.

It is shameful but not unexpected that some people continue to intentionally and willfully spread lies and falsehoods about my views. The only “deconstructing of Chester Township zoning” I am aware of in recent history was Ms. Caputo’s vote in 2008 to re-zone residential property to commercial. That is the public record.

Seeking to infer that certain individuals “seemingly control Ken Radtke” is also absurd. I find it interesting that two individuals who rarely attend township meetings can form such a misguided opinion about me. Who are they listening to?

This election is not about me and you cannot elevate your candidate of choice by attempting to drag me down.

I have faith, and I believe that the informed people of Chester Township will not allow themselves to be manipulated by lies and smears. The people of Chester Township deserve the truth and I encourage you to seek it.

If you care enough about the future of Chester Township, take 10 minutes of your time to call and speak with me. (My home number is 440-729-6126.)

Better yet, let’s meet. Form your own opinion of me, but do so after talking and meeting me or attending trustee meetings rather than listening to derogatory hearsay from others who have their own agendas for the township.

Ken Radtke Jr.

Chester Township Trustee

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