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Letters to Editor
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Fracking is Dangerous I am writing in response to the article reporting on the GGP (Geauga Growth Partnership) meeting which ran in the Oct. 24…

Fracking is Dangerous

I am writing in response to the article reporting on the GGP (Geauga Growth Partnership) meeting which ran in the Oct. 24 issue of the Geauga County Maple Leaf.

The article spoke of all good coming from the fracking process, but I feel it is quite unrealistic to only hear of the good and not the many concerns associated with this process.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the concerns I am aware of. I am concerned about the explosions in Texas and North Dakota at these fracking sites, leaks along the pipelines, poor air quality due to the chemicals emitted from the process.

The amount of water used is quite significant (5 million plus gallons for each frack and there are multiple fracks per well pad). This water cannot ever be made potable again as it is too toxic to be reclaimed.

The quality of life for the persons living even as far as one-half mile from the site is disrupted in many ways. The truck traffic created by the supplies necessary for the process. Land disrupted by the pipeline that is needed for the transmission of the product. The need to dispose of the poisoned water that returns from the well. This process creates a need for injection wells, which have been known to cause earthquakes where none have happened before (Youngstown case in point).

As pointed out in the article, the refinery plant planned for near Pittsburgh will not be build. Could that be due to the fact that Pittsburgh has completely banned fracking?

It is time we stop and take a good long look at the whole process and think about the dangers to people and not just the profit of a few and by the way what will we do when we have damaged all our precious fresh water?

Catherine Whitright

Munson Township

Stop Open Enrollment

I have one comment and one question regarding open enrollment. They are simple and have nothing to do with profit for West Geauga Schools, race, declining enrollment, etc.

#1 If you want your child to attend West Geauga Schools, purchase a home in the school district, pay the tax rate that all pay for our district and be involved in school and community events.

This past weekend, three individuals that I spoke to regarding open enrollment all thought that open enrollment students pay tuition to attend West Geauga. Not true. Open enrollment students and parents do not pay a dime to attend.

#2 Each and every one of you need to ask yourself this question: When you were looking for a home to purchase, either your first home or the home that you would be raising school age children in, what was the number one item you thought about for choosing a community to live in?

The answer:?Does this community have a good school district for my children to attend and will my home hold its value.

If open enrollment continues, young couples starting a family will no longer need to purchase a home in our community for their children to attend our schools. They will purchase homes in other areas that have lower home values and lower taxes, and still benefit from a good school district.

The values of our homes are going to decline and schools in other districts are going to close and those teachers are going to lose their jobs.

It is not the people that live in our district and pay our taxes and get involved in community events to help other children that dont live in our area to attend our schools. Parents that raise children in areas that have an undesirable school district have other options. They can either purchase a home in our district or send their children to many of the private schools in the tri county area and pay tuition.

Maybe open enrollment needs to be voted on by all citizens that live in the West Geauga district, not decided by the board members who wont answer our questions or comment on our concerns.

Susan Rizzo

Chester Township

Generous Donations

The Burton Congregational Church would like to thank the paper for running the story, telling of funding cuts to the food pantries throughout Geauga County.

Since the story was published we have received many generous donations from your readers. We would like to publicly thank the United Way Services of Geauga County and Geauga Hunger Task Force for helping all of the food pantries in Geauga County make up for the cuts received from the Cleveland Food Bank and Harvest for Hunger.

During this holiday season, please continue to donate to your local food pantries … the need is great.

Burton Congregational Church

Burton Village

CORRECTION: In an editors note in response Donna Vaccariellos letter to the editor published in the Oct. 24 issue, it incorrectly stated Geauga County Health Commissioner Robert Weisdack’s current salary was $111,463.43. His current salary is $117,603.20, as stated in her letter.

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