NDCL Ranks in Top 6 PercentNotre Dame-Cathedral Latin ranks in…
May 23, 2013

NDCL Ranks in Top 6 PercentNotre Dame-Cathedral Latin ranks in the top 6 percent of the 1,022 high schools schools in Ohio according to an…

NDCL Ranks in Top 6 Percent
Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin ranks in the top 6 percent of the 1,022 high schools schools in Ohio according to an analysis of Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) results released last week.
The analysis, prepared by Gerber Analytics of Columbus, ranks schools according to their 2012 Performance Index, which is a weighted calculation of OGT scores achieved by the members of the current junior class.
The Gerber Report reveals that NDCL’s Performance Index was the highest of all public and Catholic high schools in Lake and Geauga counties. Of the 21 Catholic high schools in the eight-county Diocese of Cleveland, only Saint Ignatius and Saint Vincent-Saint Mary posted higher scores than NDCL.
According to Principal Joseph A. Waler, NDCL’s rankings for several specific subject areas are particularly impressive.
“Out of more than 1,000 schools in the state, NDCL ranked 21st in writing, 40th in reading, and 53rd in science,” Mr. Waler explained. “I am especially proud that our writing and science scores were the very highest of all Catholic high schools in the Diocese, which includes many academically strong schools.”
Mr. Waler credits Assistant Principal Sister Joanne Keppler, the academic department chairpersons and the entire faculty for NDCL’s impressive results.
“They’ve worked hard to focus our curriculum and to sharpen instruction in order to challenge and coach our talented students to higher levels of performance,” Mr. Waler said. “These outstanding results are among the many blessings we celebrate as we enter NDCL’s 25th anniversary year.”
The entire Gerber Report is available on the school’s website. Note that the menu bar near the top of the page allows one to check on the results of any school in Ohio.
American Experience at KSU
Sophomores in Ms. Katie Ours and Mrs. Molly Schneider’s American Experience classes traveled to Kent State University’s May 4 Visitors Center on May 16.
The field trip wrapped up the course unit on the social movements of the 1960s and the book “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien. In the unit, students learned about the four students killed at Kent State during the Vietnam War protest.
“The Center does a great job of explaining how the May 4 protests fit into the larger social movements going on in the country at the time,” Mrs. Schneider said. “The students were fully engaged and asked a lot of questions that pertained to social justice.”
At the center, students experienced a walking tour of the commons where the protests took place, the hill and parking lot where the shootings occurred and a reflection memorial.
Teaching Spanish at NDES
NDCL freshmen Marisa Brownlee, Samantha Cooney, Samantha Lazuka, Samantha Ohly, Madeline Vaji and Ellen Visger traveled “up the hill” to share their Spanish skills with the third-graders of Notre Dame Elementary School earlier this month.
The students worked with NDCL Spanish teacher Denise Troha during several activity blocks to plan a lesson on weather as well as games and activities for the NDES students.
“They did a great job. The third-graders were excited and enthusiastic to learn from them and responded well,” said Mrs. Troha, who has been taking her students to teach at the elementary school for the past three years.
NDES Spanish teacher Veronica Pineda was also there during the lesson. She enjoyed observing as Samantha Ohly, one of her former Spanish students at NDES, worked with the class.
“Going back to NDES was really fun,” said Samantha. “It taught me that it’s not easy to plan and teach a lesson. The students were very excited and had a good time.”
Skating Gold Level Achieved
Congratulations to NDCL senior Hallie Stacho for achieving the gold level in the U.S. Figure Skating’s Graduating Seniors Program.
The Graduating Seniors Program was developed to recognize the achievement of those individuals graduating from high school who have made the commitment to continue their training in figure skating while pursuing their academic studies.
To further honor their achievements, U.S. Figure Skating will publish the names of the recipients on both the U.S. Figure Skating High School Programs webpage as well as in Skating magazine.