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New Math CurriculumMath teachers in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village…
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New Math CurriculumMath teachers in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools are implementing new materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)…

New Math Curriculum
Math teachers in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools are implementing new materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) this year. At the end of last school year, the College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) program in grades 7-12 and Pearson’s enVision Math program in grades K-5 were selected. Both programs were board-adopted and initial teacher training occurred in preparation for the first year of full-scale implementation during the 2013-14 school year.
“Our high school math department collaborated, visited other high-performing schools, and then decided on this program,” said Chagrin Falls High School Principal Steven Ast. “It is a different approach to math, with students working in teams to solve more real-world type problems.”
The CPM program has been successfully implemented within the Solon City School District over the past five years. This year, Chagrin Falls is joined by several other top-performing Ohio school districts, like Hudson and Beachwood, who have also chosen to adopt CPM.
Students will learn to use new models and methods to think about and solve problems. They will develop powerful mathematical tools and learn new ways of thinking about and investigating situations.
“Through use of this new program, students will be making connections, discovering relationships, figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explaining their thinking,” Ast said. “Learning to think in these varied ways and communicate about thought processes will be valuable not only within mathematical contexts, but also within other subjects offered throughout high school and beyond.”
The problem-based lessons provide a balance of basic skills, conceptual understanding and problem-solving strategies. Each lesson has a mathematical objective and focuses on one or more of the mathematical practices. Homework will practice ideas from the current chapter and previous topics, but spread the practice over several days and weeks so that students have time to become proficient with ideas and skills.
Together, teams of students will complete problems and activities that will help them develop solution methods and master mathematical ideas. Each teacher will support students as they work, while encouraging them to maximize the opportunity to think and investigate with their team. Each topic will be revisited many times and will connect to other topics. Through the program’s focus on active participation of all students, ongoing team collaboration, problem solving and the development of high-level questioning techniques, students will understand mathematics at a deep and meaningful level.
In addition to the support provided in the classroom, CPM has also created online resources, including help with homework and a parent guide with extra practice. These are available at
To help secondary students have a successful year, families can remind their children that daily participation within their study team is an essential part of this class and that daily homework assignments are an essential part of this class providing the repeated exposure to concepts resulting in truly learning the material. Families should encourage their children to seek help immediately if they are having difficulty so that the problem can be remedied quickly. Moreover, families can instill that attendance is a requirement for success. Since mathematics is cumulative, time spent out of class puts more pressure on the student to get caught up.
The enVision Math program will be used with students in grades K-5 this year. The program integrates the use of technology in instruction, learning, and assessment. Each unit is divided into topics that correspond with the math common core standards. The program provides ongoing assessments that may be used as pre-assessments prior to instruction (to determine which students may already have mastery and/or their degree of mastery), post-assessments (following instruction to ensure mastery), and as progress-monitoring tools (to ensure students mastery is consistent, connected, and “on-track” throughout the school year). Opportunities for re-teaching and enrichment are provided within each lesson to support differentiated learning opportunities for the varying needs of students.
Pearson’s focus MATH program is a supplemental program which parallels the enVision Math program, yet provides intensive intervention to students who are in need of additional supports and services. This program will also be implemented within the district this school year and is designed to fit within our existing Response to Intervention (RtI) framework. It identifies at-risk students early and seeks to accelerate student learning with instruction that is intensive, balanced, and individualized.
All K-5 Math teachers will receive additional training on use of the technology to support the new program in the next weeks. As the year progresses, families should expect to receive student login information to access online tools from their respective math teachers.
“We are excited about our new math programs and look forward to fully unpacking them with students this year,” said Becky Quinn, director of curriculum/gifted services. “These tools will assist us in fully implementing the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and best-preparing our students.”

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