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Newbury Thespians Excel”Into the Woods” is a magical, imaginative adventure…
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Newbury Thespians Excel"Into the Woods" is a magical, imaginative adventure told through the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tales. The intricate plot unfolds, as the childless…

Newbury Thespians Excel
“Into the Woods” is a magical, imaginative adventure told through the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tales. The intricate plot unfolds, as the childless baker and his wife, cursed by the witch, go off into the woods in hopes of ending their curse. They meet many other fairy tale characters also searching for their own dreams. Their quests are shrouded in mystery, intrigue and humor. Like the characters of “Into the Woods,” the audience ends this journey aware of the moral consequences of our actions and the power of tolerance, community and shared sacrifice.
The drama club performed the musical on March 1 and 2 at Newbury Auditorium.
Cast members included: Mak Sanders, Danny Kekedy, Trevor Conklin, Madeline Hoffmann, Kaitlyn Sullivan, Faith HJarrison, Haley Surckla, Noah Wilson, Cami Hamby, D.J. Quigley, Jonah Hamby, Angela Ackerman, Sarah Houser, Sammi Tayek, Racheal Whelchel, Cory Preuss, Maggie Kinkopf, Jourdain Spivey, Adele Conklin, Schuyler Spivey and Cory Preuss.
Extras were Melissa Cheek, Tessa Kline, Mary Slaymaker and Christina Weber.
Stage crew members were Sal Kitko, Zac Plesmid, Carley Couch, Lori Fade Regina Hoffmann, Kelsie Keyes, Angie Lewandowski, Carissa Linville, Jourdain Spivey and Schuyler Spivey.
Kids With Character
This year, Mr. Corrigan, the owner of Mangia! Mangia! restaurant, is treating students at Newbury Elementary who have been “NICE” to a special lunch. Newbury’s NICE students are those who demonstrate in their words and actions: Integrity – they did the right thing no matter what; Cooperation – they worked well with others daily; and Excellence – they were the best they could be everyday.
Students, teachers, parents and community members nominated elementary school children to the KIDS with Character Club and six children were selected to go to lunch in December.
A special congratulations goes out to the following NICE Newbury Black Knights: in the grades K-3 building: Melissa Torres, Jack Jacobs and C.J. Holden; and in the grades 4-6 building: Owen Otto, Sarah Perez and Rebecca Harrison.
Congratulations again. Thanks, students for making NICE matter at Newbury Elementary School. Thanks, again, to Mr. Corrigan.
Students of the Month
Congratulations to the following Students of the Month for February: seventh-grader Liam Slaymaker, eighth-grader Noah C. Wilson, ninth-grader Sara Houser, tenth-grader Margaret Kinkopf, eleventh-grader Kate Hess and twelfth-grader Fred DiBacco.
Thank you for all that you do.
One Million Bones Project
Students of Newbury Jr.-Sr. High School are participating in the One Million Bones project, under the direction of long-term art substitute teacher Kelsey Poorman. One Million Bones is a social arts project and art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims killed or displaced by ongoing genocides. The mission is to increase global awareness of the ongoing devastation of genocide, raise funds to protect and aid displaced victims and educate students about tolerance through art and social activism.
Students Rebuild is challenging students worldwide to make bones, as a symbol of solidarity with victims and survivors of ongoing conflict in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.
Every bone created through this initiative generates a $1 donation, up to $500,000, to CARE for their work on the ground in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These funds are generously donated by the Bezos Family Foundation.
Bones created will be shipped off to be included in an art instillation that would cover the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in June 2013 with 1,000,000 handmade bones as a visual petition against humanitarian crises such as genocide.
Fifth and sixth-grade students are also participating in the event with elementary art teacher Caryl Church. Students are currently creating life-like bones out of clay during their art classes and in their spare time.
The project incorporates multiple subjects into the fine arts curriculum, including history, anatomy, writing and current events. More importantly, the project is teaching students how to be caring, informed and productive members of society by giving them the opportunity to create something that will make an actual impact in the world.
Clay and all materials are provided for this project; however, the school needs help covering the cost of shipping the bones. The school is seeking small donations from local businesses and the general public to support the cost of shipping for this project.
The public’s support of this learning experience, in whatever amount, is greatly appreciated. Donations are being accepted. Please make checks payable to Newbury Local Schools, 14775 Auburn Road, Newbury, OH 44065, with the memo as “One Million Bones Project.”
To learn more about the One Million Bones project, please visit their website at

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