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Showing SupportOn April 17, Newbury Junior-Senior High School students and…
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Showing SupportOn April 17, Newbury Junior-Senior High School students and staff showed their support and respect for those experiencing the tragedies of the bombings during…

Showing Support
On April 17, Newbury Junior-Senior High School students and staff showed their support and respect for those experiencing the tragedies of the bombings during the Boston Marathon. They donned red, white and blue and/or Newbury running gear and made the formation of 26.2 miles on Newbury’s football field, surrounded by the running track.
Newbury Local School District hopes that with every stride, Newbury’s footprints are left to show support of lives lost and forever changed in Boston.
Thank you, Newbury Student Council and Ms. Donna Connolly for the wonderful and supportive idea.
Terrific Kids
A special congratulation goes out to Newbury’s third set of winners for the TERRIFIC Kids Program sponsored by Kiwanis.
They are Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, Capable Newbury Black Knights. Their positive behaviors and attitudes are appreciated and hopefully will become contagious for the fourth quarter.
TERRIFIC kids for the third quarter in each class are:
Mrs. Miller – Logan Baughner; Miss Bryne – June Kincy-Smith; Mrs. May – Ava Intelisano; Mrs. Berger – Kendalyn Simpkins; Mrs. Cerny – Rubi Lujan; Mrs. Hinkle – James Hammonds; Mrs. Stefancin – Eric Reed; Mrs. Gabriel – Zoe Bruening;
Mrs. Baker – Erin Piczer; Mrs. Vartola – Fiona Slaymaker; Mrs. Lobaugh – Hannah Bice; Mrs. Jackson – Alec Wright; Mrs. Ewing – Mitchell Ferry; Mrs. Fletcher – Matthew Fink; Mrs. VanderMass – Haley Hamilton;
Mr. Tyrrell – Casey Gonzales; Mrs. Church – Vernae Whipple; Mrs. Eastburn – Chloe Aster; Ms. Chernesky – Holly Hamilton; Mrs. Cicerro – Ashley Airy; Ms. Parker – Riley De Meo; Miss Price – Travis Wriston; and Mrs. Gray – Mikey McKale.
Congratulations to all.
Third Quarter NICE Kids
Mr. Corrigan, the owner of Mangia! Mangia!, is treating those students at Newbury Elementary who have been “NICE” during the third quarter to a special lunch. Newbury’s NICE students are those who demonstrate in their words and actions: Integrity – they did the right thing no matter what; Cooperation – they worked well with others daily; and Excellence – they were the best they could be everyday.
Students, teachers, parents and community members nominated elementary school children to the Kids with Character Club and eight children have been selected to go to lunch.
A special congratulations goes out to the following NICE Newbury Black Knights: in the grades K-3 building: Samantha Frohring, Olivia Campbell, Olivia Wilson and Trevor Pliml; and in the grades 4-6 building: Max Plesmid, Ashley Airy, Jimmy Gardner and Kerrine Piekarski.
Congratulations to all of the NICE students and thanks for making NICE matter at Newbury Elementary School.
Thank you, Mr. Corrigan, for honoring the students in this delicious way.
Art Abounds at Newbury
Thanks to Ms. Kelsey Poorman, Newbury students participated in the Congressional Art Contest. The art was judged by Lakeland Community College on May 6 and the first place winner was Mary Slaymaker for her piece, “Fennec Fox.” Mary’s piece will hang in the nation’s Capitol for one year.
Racheal Whelchel’s “Bob and Larry, Brothers to the End” came in second place and will be hung in Congressman David P. Joyce’s Washington, D.C., office for one year. Racheal’s “Spring Time” won third place and will hang in the congressman’s Painesville district office for one year.
Additionally, Jeanette Terlizzi’s “The Wolf” came in fourth place and will hang in the Twinsburg office for one year.

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