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Summer is here … finally. There has been lots of…
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Summer is here ... finally. There has been lots of hay being put up. Those farmers who were lucky to put up hay earlier have…

Summer is here … finally. There has been lots of hay being put up. Those farmers who were lucky to put up hay earlier have second cutting almost ready to make.

Weddings are still in full swing. On June 20 was a wedding at Ray Detweilers of their daughter Martha and Joe, son of Crist and Ada Yoder. This is the last of Crists children to get married, so now they join the other empty nesters.

We received word that Joes aunt Anna Mary Wengerd of Tennessee is not well following surgery. She was sister to grandpa John.

On June 22 was the funeral of our neighbor Mose D. Byler. He died of cancer. He was 76 years old. Also on the same day was the funeral of Mrs. Neil Betty Smucker of Donley Road. She was 72.

On June 15, we had an auction to sell grandpas shop things. Brothers Albert and Perry and wives came from Tennessee. From Mio, Mich., were brother John and Esther and sons, Johnny, Daniel and Henry. Our daughter Betty, Melvin, Lorena, Juanita, Marcus and a friend, Loren Miller, came down on June 10 for our granddaughter Ruth Ann and John Mark Hershbergers wedding, which was on June 11.

Freemon Yoder is still in Briar Hill following surgery, but may be released this week. Mrs. Martha (Mat) Miller visited them on June 21. She also visited Mrs. Irene Wengerd at Burton Health Care. While there, she met up with Bill J.L. Miller, whose wife is a patient there following a stroke.

On June 25, Bill J. Miller of Tavern Road had plans to have knee surgery done on both knees in Alliance. Good luck, Bill. It is now three months Joe had his surgery and has no more knee pain.

Joe and I have plans to go to Lancaster, Pa., with a chartered bus of parents and children with Downs syndrome for a reunion on July 5. Well leave on July 4 and return after the reunion Friday afternoon.

Sawmill Lane seventh and eighth-graders and parents and several grandparents went to Niagara Falls with a chartered bus on June 17. It was a most perfect and enjoyable day. We left at 5 a.m. and came home at 9 p.m.

From the past: June 1944

Probably two of Geauga Countys largest Amish funerals were held in the large barn on the Levi E. Miller (now John J. Miller) farm. In June 1944, the double funeral of Samuel Miller, age 13 years, 11 months and 20 days, and William Henry Kuhns, age 14 years, 1 month and 11 days, was held there. These two boys lost their lives due to drowning. Samuel was a great-grandson of old Daniel D. Miller. Almost three years later, Daniels funeral was held in the same place. Samuels parents were Andy R. Millers and William was the son of Henry Kuhn.


A husband and wife were arguing over who should brew the coffee each morning. The bickering went back and forth until the wife finally said, You should do it because its in the Bible that the man should make the coffee.

Theres no way the Bible says that, the husband argued.

Without another word, she opened the Bible and pointed to the proof printed at the top of several pages: Hebrews.

You all enjoy the nice weather. Take time to smell the roses.

Time to leave for son Rays and enjoy something off the grill.

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