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There was sunshine with a nice breeze on June 2.…
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There was sunshine with a nice breeze on June 2. We visited at son Joe Jr.s awhile on Sunday afternoon to see how our granddaughter…

There was sunshine with a nice breeze on June 2.

We visited at son Joe Jr.s awhile on Sunday afternoon to see how our granddaughter Sarah is doing after spending a few days in the hospital from an asthma attack. She is feeling pretty good.

Then, we also visited awhile at neighbor Mose Bylers house. He is mostly on his recliner. After getting up Saturday night, he fell, hurting his arm. He also had quite a few other visitors, including Noah and Annie Hershberger, Raymond, Ada and daughter Lydia, Freemon and Clara Byler, Enos and Esther Byler and daughter Betty and Bill J. Byler. Betty was his caregiver for the night. Also stopping in were Ray and Katie Wengerd and daughter of Hasting, Mich.

This is wedding season. I was to two weddings last week. On May 28, Marlin Hershberger married Rachel Byler of Nauvoo Road. On May 30, Monroe, son of Marvin and Susan Miller, married Elmina, daughter of Joey and Fannie Miller of Shedd Road. They had a beautiful day with lots of good food and meeting friends. Now, this week we have two more invitations but Im afraid we will not be able to take in both.

We are busy getting ready for the auction here on June 15 to disperse of grandpa Johns shop things. Also, granddaughter Ruth Ann and John Mark, son of Bob and Sylvia Hershberger are planning to be married on June 11. We expect daughter Betty and family to come down for the wedding. They live in Mio, Mich.

Joes brother John?Jr. and wife Esther are planning to come down from Michigan on June 13 to help get things ready for the auction. Their son Henry, who is on a wheelchair, plans to come along and spend some time visiting his cousins. They are hoping to go fishing at some point.

Grandson Kevin helped me on May 31 mulch some of the flowerbeds. There still is one big flowerbed to weed. With all the rain, things in the garden are really growing. Famers are trying to put up hay in between showers.

It was a little chilly the morning of June 3, but it looked like a nice day to dry laundry.

Guests at Dan and Sylvia Miller of Shedd Road on Sunday evening were Mary Lou Miller, Dan and Leona Gingerich, Joe and Saloma Miller, Ray and Judy Miller and families and Joe and I. We sat around the campfire and the heat felt good.

Brother-in-law Joe K. Yoder of Mio, Mich., spent several days in the hospital again last week when he had difficulty breathing. They took fluid from around his heart and he soon felt better. He is at home doing better. He has also had several strokes.


The Sunday school teacher asked her 5-year-old class, If I sold everything I owned and gave the money to the poor, would that get me heaven?

No, the children shouted.

If I cleaned my house, mowed the yard, planted flowers and made my home beautiful, would that get me to heaven? she asked.

No, they answered again.

If I was kind to animals, polite to friends and loved my family, would that get me to heaven? she asked.

No, came the enthusiastic reply.

Well,?the teacher continued, how then can I get into heaven?

One little boy shouted out the answer, You have to be dead!

You all have a good day.

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