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We are having beautiful winter weather. Its not so cold…
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We are having beautiful winter weather. Its not so cold and there is a nice cover of snow. The birds are busy at the feeders,…

We are having beautiful winter weather. Its not so cold and there is a nice cover of snow. The birds are busy at the feeders, including those pesty starlings, which I keep chasing away. I know… they have to eat, too, but not at my feeders.

We were shocked to hear of the death of Bishop Melvin M. Miller of Newcomb Road. He died early the morning of Dec. 31. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Our familys annual pig butchering day, which is usually on New Years Day, has been postponed until later. Hopefully, it will happen sometime in February.

We had our family Christmas gathering at son Perrys on Christmas Day. All but three of the married grandchildren were present. It was another day making precious memories, visiting, singing and, of course, eating.

Joe A. Kauffman of Hosmer Road was released from the hospital for the holidays, but will need to go back for open heart surgery in the near future.

Jacob Miller of Jug Road is still holding his own at this time. He is getting weaker, eating very little. He is being cared for at home by his sisters and other family and church members.

Neighbors Joe and Betty Yoder had Bettys family at their place Dec. 31 for their family Christmas. The Nelson Millers from Richfield Springs, N.Y., also attended.

Our singing group had our Christmas gift exchange and snacks at Freemon and Miriam Kurtzs on Farmington Road the evening of Dec. 28. We had a Chinese gift exchange.

Spending Christmas at Dan and Sylvia Millers on Shedd Road on Dec. 29 were John and Betz and family, Paul, Lorene and children, Joe and Saloma and girls, David and Rebecca, Wayne and Rose, all Millers, and Mrs. Mat Miller.

Bits and Pieces

Honeville, Ashtabula County, Ohio: Dec. 10, 1899

As we have moved to a new country, I thought I would write a few lines for the Budget, to pass away the time.

We live about 18 miles northeast of Middlefield in Trumbull County.

The Byler boys have taken a job of cutting, skidding and loading one million feet of lumber. A.J. Byler and the writer have the job of cutting at 75 cents per thousand. A.J. Farmwalt and R.J. Detweiler do the skidding.

This is very nice country, land sells for $5 to $25 per acre. There is a 50-acre tract near here that can be bought for $350, all ready for the plow. I dont see any use of going to Michigan for cheap land at that rate.

We were out rabbit hunting one day last week and in three hours we caught nine rabbits.


The midday whistle had blown when Murphy shouted, Has anyone seen me vest?

Sure, Murphy, said Pat. And yeve got it on.

Right, I have, replied Murphy gazing at his bosom. And its a good thing ye seen it or Id have gone home without it.

You all have a good week.

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