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Well, it feels like the rainy season is over for…
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Well, it feels like the rainy season is over for now. But, its warm and humid for the next few days. The past few weeks…

Well, it feels like the rainy season is over for now. But, its warm and humid for the next few days.

The past few weeks have been busy with traveling and having company.

On June 27, we, along with Jonas Miller Sr., son Jonas Jr. and wife Carol, Bill and Martha Miller and Mrs. Crist Hershberger, left for Paris, Tenn., for the funeral of Mrs. Anna Mary Wengerd. She was a sister to grandpa John J. Miller. We returned home early Saturday morning, driving through the night.

On June 30, we attended the sad funeral of 18-year-old Robert Miller Jr., who died after being hit by a car. Robert Miller Sr. and his wife are in our singing group. Our sincere sympathy goes to the family.

A chartered busload of people went to the auction in Shiloh, Ohio, for the special needs children. Guess they had more people to go then what there was room for on the bus.

The blood drive brought in 64 donors at Joes Window Shop on July 13. The Red Cross furnished pizza for all donors. We also served salad, melons and cake. The next drive is Sept. 14.

Visiting relatives here were Menno, Barbara Hershberger and daughter Barbara, Joe and Mary Miller and Chester Hershberger, all from Cashton, Wis. Joe, Mary and Chester were our overnight guests the evening of July 9. The evening of July 10, they all came here, where more of the relatives gathered for ice cream, cake, strawberries and snacks. The Wisconsin folks left around 9 a.m. for Mio, Mich., to visit three aunts and their families. They left for home again the morning of July 12. They had plans to take the ferry across Lake Michigan instead of taking the upper route.

Born to Eli and Kathryn N. Miller of Mumford Road a daughter. Grand-parents are Neil and Mattie Miller of Tavern Road and Allen and Ada Miller of Shedd Road.

Published to be married in the near future are widower Joe J.S. Miller of Farmington and widow Tillie Miller of Girdle Road. We wish them much happiness. She will move to his place.

Taken from grandpa Johns record book:

1953 – Land tax: February, $238.55; July, $238.55. Gas: 64 gallons – $14.72.

1955 – Land tax: January, $256.90; June, $361.70. Gas: 5 gallons – $1.20.

1956 – Land tax: January, $371.67; July, $371.67. Veterinary for cow – $6. Gas: 5 gallons – $1.26.

Times sure have changed. Expenses were much less, but the wages were much less also.


A painter out of work for many months finally was contracted to repaint a nearby church. To boost his profit margin, the painter watered down the paint. As he was applying the thin mixture to the old church, the sky darkened; there was a clap of thunder, then rain. The watered-down paint was washed off the building. Then a voice from the sky thundered, Repaint and thin no more …

A magazine article said that the way to achieve inner peace is to FINISH things I have started.

Today I finished four bags of potato chips, a cherry pie and a small box of chocolate candy. I feel better already.

Forty is the age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.

You all have a good week.

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