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Letters to Editor for Nov. 28
November 28, 2013 by John Karlovec | No Comments

Not Mutually Exclusive

As a Chardon City councilwoman and a resident of Geauga County, it is very disappointing that our county commissioners have, thus far, not agreed to a critical easement on county property on Center Street in Chardon for bike path construction of the Geauga County Maple Highlands Trail.

All the other landowners in Chardon have agreed to do just that, either by donating their land or agreeing to a reasonable amount for payment of such easement.

Our county commissioners are asking that city council consider allowing 26 Chardon Township homes to connect into our water and sewer treatment plant; otherwise, they may not allow the easement.

First, we dont even know if our water/sewer plant can handle the impact of these homes; and second, a study, which may cost as much as $100,000, would need to be completed before we would know what that impact would be.

We dont need a study nor have we budgeted for one right now, and yet, the commissioners may not consider the easement without such an agreement.

These two issues are mutually exclusive and should not be linked together.

In addition, the bike path will not only serve Chardon residents, but any and all Geauga residents who wish to use it.

I urge Chardon and Geauga County residents, and anyone else who supports the bike path through Chardon and the Geauga County Maple Highlands Trail, to attend the Tuesday, Dec. 3 Geauga County commissioners meeting at 10 a.m. at 470 Center St., Building #4, in Chardon. You may also call them at 440-279-1660 or email commissioners

And, if you havent yet mothballed your bike, consider riding it to the meeting Tuesday. See you there!

Nancy McArthur
Vice Mayor and Councilwoman
City of Chardon


Shocked, Angry, Incensed

We are shocked and very angry with the decision to terminate Geauga Park District Executive Director Tom Curtin by the two recently appointed park commissioners.

Nick Fischbach and Mike Petruziello were appointed by Judge Tim Grendell.

Tom has been instrumental in creating our wonderful park system, envied across the state as one of the best systems and an example to be followed by other communities.

Observatory Park, Tom’s vision, is recognized by our Geauga school systems as well as the Cleveland area museums and universities as a unique resource for education, scientific research, and outdoor activities.

This move by Nick and Mike is contrary to every supportive step Tom and others have taken to build our park system into one of the best in the region.

These two commissioners have no reasonable grounds to take this action and those of us who have volunteered and financially supported our great park system for many, many years are incensed.

Judge Grendell must make better appointments.

John and Pat Leech
Newbury Township

Editors Note: John Leech is a former park district commissioner.

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