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Our Great LossThank you, Tom Curtin, former executive director of our wonderful Geauga Park District, personally and on behalf of all the citizens of Geauga…

Our Great Loss

Thank you, Tom Curtin, former executive director of our wonderful Geauga Park District, personally and on behalf of all the citizens of Geauga County and elsewhere who have benefitted from the land, the facilities, the staff and the programs.

Your leadership over the last decade-plus resulted in five new parks, the Maple Highlands Bike Trail, the WestWoods Nature Center and Observatory Park — the unique educational facility showcasing two world-class telescopes and connecting the ground to the galaxy.

Tom, because of your vision and creativity, Geauga Park District has become the envy of other park systems and earned recognition and respect across Ohio and beyond. (Tom’s contract was not renewed by two GPD commissioners last year.)

Tom, we wish you and Heidi the best with the Delaware Park System. They will benefit from your talents, leadership and vision.

Our great loss is Delaware’s gain. Best wishes for a continued sterling career.

Pat and John Leech

Quality Leader

There is an occasional opportunity to recognize a special individual and community leader. I am pleased to share my perspectives and support of Mary Samide, Geauga County Commissioner.

My association with Mary Samide has extended more than a decade through an active collaboration for advancing community interests.

I enthusiastically endorse Commis-sioner Samide in her pursuit to seek re-election, as a Geauga County Commis-sioner, for it is a clear manifestation of her capabilities and effective leadership in public service. She has been one of the strongest advocates for building a sustainable county based on the principles of quality of life and family values.

Commissioner Mary Samide has exhibited consistent and measurable results during her tenure. A few of her many accomplishments are noteworthy of mention: A balanced county budget; prudent Geauga County investment projects; advocacy for economic development and job creation; attainment of one of the lowest unemployment rates in the State of Ohio, ranging between 5 and 6 percent; and a new state-of-the-art safety center using sound fiscal practices.

In addition, she is the one of the founding members of the Geauga Growth Partnership, a business led organization; an active advisory board member of the Kent State University Geauga Campus; and a champion of community partnerships.

Being a highly-motivated leader, Commissioner Samide leads by a nurturing style. She has a sincere desire to advance community leadership excellence both in the public and private sector. Her approach to strategic and operational planning follows the principles of engagement with the utmost of professionalism.

Mary Samide’s appreciation and support for community entrepreneurship reflects her own business that she successfully established as founder and president of an information technology firm.

Outstanding too, are her communication and interpersonal skills that she readily demonstates at all constituent levels.

Commissioner Samide is truly a difference maker with a strong focus on creating added benefit to Geauga County. I regard her as a passionate “team builder and a team player,” which is a hallmark standard for others in or seeking public office to emulate.

Through my experience as a former health care executive, and currently serving as an executive consultant, I firmly believe that Mary Samide has the “right stuff” for success.

It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly support her bid for re-election as Geauga County Commissioner for another term. Her record of success, transparency, trust and passion for Geauga County makes her the right choice.

Richard J. Frenchie, MBA, FACHE

Be Informed, Act Now

“Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” Ronald Regan.

This quote is more prevalent today than ever, especially if you live in rural Ohio.

There is a current educational crisis in our area and our state government doesn’t feel we are large enough to take an interest in.

Two excellent Geauga County local schools, Newbury and Berkshire, are being forced into talks of consolidation due to a variety of reasons that include most predominantly excessive underfunded state mandates and declining enrollments. I encourage all Newbury and Burton voters to be informed. Take an interest in your town and the future of education for our communities. It is critical to act now.

Dave Ward, of Gov. Kasich’s office, during my recent phone conversation, made it abundantly clear that the governor is a proponent of consolidation; he prefers issues be handled locally without assistance and, most importantly, cannot offer mandate reforms with any sense of urgency.

To simplify, the facts are: both schools are faced with declining enrollments (population of school aged children is trending down); unrealistic state mandates are costing both schools inordinate amounts of money that cannot be sustained; open enrollment and charter school tax dollars are inappropriately being dispersed; and your governor feels you are too small to be bothered with.

Both schools will be in need of income tax and/or levy passage to avoid deficits. You need to be informed and your vote does matter. Attend a community meeting or your local school board meeting to get information on this topic in April.

Dave Ward, of Gov. Kasich’s office, clearly advised state mandates cannot be reviewed or amended quickly and asked me why I would even want small schools to stay open.

We need to stay open, Mr. Ward, because our communities have children that need to be educated with the traditions and values we believe in.

Neighbors, your time to act is now. We need to join together to help our schools remain open, make changes to overcome the current trends and work together to reform the State of Ohio educational system. As seen by his track record, the governor would rather take our tax money to fund his failing charter schools or Rainy Day Fund while our schools are in need.

Whether education is a priority to you at this time or not, please take heed in what I am sharing with you because I am sure at some point an issue close to you heart will be treated with the same disrespect. Don’t be blown off; stand up, fight back, learn, be informed and most importantly vote on May 6 and Nov. 4.

Anne Tropf

Commissioner Primary

Skip Claypool is running against incumbent Mary Samide. Some people say Skip is way too outspoken.

I say that is exactly what we need. I have known Skip for many years now and he is very outspoken about our constitutional rights, preserving them, wasteful spending in Geauga, NOACCA, loss of property rights, etc.

He is passionate about these things. Skip Claypool goes against the grain and the “Good Old Boys Club.” He is for the people and not afraid to stand up against any agency (federal, state, or county) that is trying to usurp our rights.

I support Skip for these reasons and more. At this time, we have never seen a more rapid erosion of our freedoms by an out of control tyrannical government and you cannot stop this by being afraid, being a moderate, or going along to get along. We must have someone who is outspoken and aggressive concerning these things and Skip Claypool is.

On the other hand we have Mary Samide, the exact opposite of Skip.

She will tell you one thing then do another. Mary pretends to be a conservative Republican, but her actions and voting record show she is more of a socialist than anything else.

Mary is part of the “Good Old Boys Club,” going along to get along. She is president of NOACCA, a worse than socialist agency whose agenda promotes regionalism, erosion of your property rights and more un-American things.

Mary votes in support of everything they do. She has supported socialism and government subsidized housing in Geauga for years.

She has been selling Geauga out, right under your noses and getting away with it because she is slick and you have not been paying attention. If you want more socialism and government subsidized housing in Geauga then vote for Mary Samide. If you want a strong constitutionalist who will represent you, then vote for Skip Claypool.

Ed Corsi
Chardon Township

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