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Letters to Editor
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God-Given Right

This is in reference to House Bill 203, the “Stand Your Ground” Bill, and an article in a local daily newspaper.

It is time for the voters to wake up. Why should the criminal have more rights than the victim?

Stand your ground is nothing more than saying if me, my wife or kids are confronted by a criminal outside our home or car, we are not going to submit to him. We are going to defend ourselves by all means available, instead of trying to run away, in hopes that I, my wife and kids can run faster than him.

On average, the person that commits the assaults are never caught. They, in turn, just carry on and continue their carnage on another law-abiding citizen.

When you are walking down the street minding your own business and you are confronted by a felon, it is your God-given right to protect yourself and your family.

There has been a growing concern within our schools even. A kid gets beat up, schools do nothing; they may expel the kid that did it, but nothing else is done.

When his time is up, he is let back into the school system with no reprimand criminally, maybe a slap on the wrist by the judge and told, “Don’t do it again,” while the kid who was beat up has a broken nose, black eyes, busted ribs, because he submitted; he isn’t allowed to defend himself.

These kids are brought up to take what they want, where they want, when they want. The criminal has no fear; they don’t care.

Bill Ferritto

How Many?

How many Amish men women and children riding in unprotected horse and buggy’s are going to die, hit many times by impaired drivers?

These buggies and there occupants have no safety features and no chance when they are involved in a crash with a car or truck.

Don’t you think it’s time to come up with an alternative solution for this problem?

The horse-driven buggies travel too slow, the occupants are totally unprotected and don’t have a chance in a crash.

The buggies are exempt from the safety laws and fatalities will continue unless the buggies are either eliminated from main roads and re-routed to side roads during the day, and prohibited on all roads after dark.

I realize we won’t build buggy lanes only alongside our main roads. How many people will die if an alternative solution isn’t adopted?

Bill Salmon

Never Been Better

While the members of former Geauga County Park Director Tom Curtin’s inner circle may lament his departure, the truth is that the recent change in the management of the Geauga County Park District leadership has created an environment where employees feel more involved and appreciated.

Acting Director John Oros has provided outstanding leadership and under his expert direction the park district has maintained its excellent programs and park facilities without the costly turmoil experienced under former Director Curtin.

The morale of the park district’s employees has never been better. Director Oros and the new park board have encouraged creative input and teamwork as well as more efficient park operations.

Working together, the new park board, Director Oros and the staff have eliminated the $1,900,000 spending deficit in former Director Curtin’s proposed 2014 budget, without the loss of a single employee or park program.

There is no question that the park district, the district’s employees and the citizens of Geauga County will benefit by the park district’s recent leadership change.

Probate Judge Tim Grendell deserves a special thank you for having the courage to confront the short comings of the former park director and facilitating a much needed leadership change.

Thanks to Judge Grendell, the Geauga County Park District now is better operated and more cost efficiently managed. Geauga County citizens are the big winners here.

Robert and Esther Laczko

Government Tyranny? Please

To those who readily dismiss the idea that the United States of America can degenerate from the Land of the Free to the Land of the Oppressed, just a few thoughts:

1. Every republic in recorded history has failed.

2. Such failures were driven by ambitious, vindictive and rapacious men.

3. The fundamental nature of man has not changed.

4. There was a tipping point beyond which the republics were unsalvageable.

5. Concerns were raised prior to the tipping point — and ignored as ridiculous, improbable or impossible.

6. Tyrannical transformation was sometimes incremental, sometimes sudden, but always violent.

7. Such transformation was triggered by either internal or external events.

My point: Our Constitutional Republic is not guaranteed to survive. As long as men seek power, we are at risk. Be vigilant. Be heard. Be ready.

It’ll be up to us at the community level to hold the line when the time comes — and it will come. Are we ready in Geauga?

Benito Alvarez, M.D.

Perserverance of Purpose

For almost two decades, Geauga County’ s citizens have greatly benefited from the public service of Commissioner Mary Samide.

For nine years prior to being elected as your Commissioner, Mary Samide served the residents of Munson Township as a trustee with distinction and vision.

Today, and for the last 10 years, we as citizens have benefited significantly from her depth of knowledge and wisdom concerning the management and delivery of governmental services in Geauga County. There is no substitute for this kind of experience.

Mary Samide has become an outstanding example of effective civic leadership. She has served on the Geauga County Planning Commission for some 18 years and, for better than half her tenure as a Geauga County Commissioner, Mary Samide was elected by as chairperson of the Geauga County Board of Commissioners by her colleagues.

She has further distinguished herself by being named the 2014 president of NOACA for a second time since 2004. Mary Samide is leadership applied.

Commissioner Samide demonstrated sound financial and management skills when they were required. From her experience as the founder and CEO of a successful computer technology company, Mary Samide resolved the lawsuits over emergency communications and developed and installed the fiscal infrastructure with then Sheriff Red Simmons for the Geauga County Safety Center.

Today, working closely with Sheriff Dan McClelland, Mary Samide developed a fiscally responsible and disciplined budgeting process, yielding an aggressive debt pay down plan, which has that $14.6 million safety center facility almost paid off. That safety center is now generating more than $1.1 million annually for the county, which is helping keep all of our tax bills down.

Time and time again, Mary Samide has demonstrated to the taxpayers value for their hard-earned, tax dollar investments. Commissioner Mary Samide gets it.

Mary Samide is an effective problem solver. As commissioner, Mary Samide was at the forefront of the efforts to retain Great Lakes Cheese and Saint-Gobain Crystals. These companies are major contributors to the Geauga economy; by working with township officials, Mary Samide helped save hundreds of good jobs.

She also took a lead role working with consultants and the Burton Township Trustees to bring Troy Innovative, Simone DeYoung Corp. and Buckeye Veterinarians Services to Burton. These three companies came from outside Geauga County, brought almost 60 strong jobs, and added almost $4 million in new construction, all in less than one year and with absolutely no tax abatement.

All of this and much more and look around Geauga’s magical rural character is as strong as ever! Mary Samide turns problems into opportunities.

Lastly, Mary Samide is approachable. In chambers, at a county function, shopping for groceries or just on the sidewalk, wherever you encounter Commissioner Samide, she will listen to your questions and concerns. She answers letters, emails, social media inquires and even returns phone calPlease join with our family in gladly and confidently re-electing Commissioner Mary Samide in the May Republican Primary election.

Rob Roy Family
Burton Twp.

Voting ‘No’ on Newbury Levy

We have been paying our real estate taxes to Geauga county for the past 53 years and in May 2014, we will vote “no” on the Newbury Schools levy because we cannot afford another tax increase while trying to survive on a fixed income.

Newbury has three levies on the books now: a 1-mill permanent levy that runs to 2016, a 4.72-mill emergency levy that runs to 2017 and a 7.08-mill emergency levy that runs to 2018.

Now they want another 8-mill emergency levy.

This school system sounds like the description of a boat.

“A boat is a hole in the water you pour money into.”

Newbury school system is the second smallest district in Geauga and the third highest in mills paid to a school. Here are figures from the Geauga County Auditor’s Office:

• Berkshire – 958 pupils – 21.25 mills + 1 percent income tax

• Cardinal — 1205 pupils — 25.34 mills

• Chardon — 3066 pupils — 38.16 mills

• Kenston — 3079 pupils — 39.70 mills

• Ledgemont — 437 pupils — 20.12 mills + 1.25 percent income tax

• Newbury — 528 pupils — 37.17 mills

• West Geauga — 2258 pupils — 34.83 mills

There was a article in the Geauga County Maple Leaf dated Feb. 27, 2014, where the president of Berkshire Schools Board of Education, John Manfredi, stated, “Newbury will be graduating fewer than 50 students this spring and has only 22 kindergarten students this year.”

Paul J. Kovary

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