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Letters to the Editor
April 24, 2014 by Staff Report | 1 Comment

Support Samide in Primary

I would like to endorse our current commissioner, Mary Samide, as a candidate in the May Primary for the position of Geauga County commissioner.

She brings excellent credentials to this position, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Kent State University with 10 years of experience working effectively as a Geauga County commissioner.

In addition, Mary served nine years as a Munson trustee.

She has a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation and has gained respect from the community as well as county and government officials.

She has been instrumental in balancing the county’s budget through debt reduction and generated money through encouraging new businesses, thereby creating jobs locally.

She added additional monies to the budget through the introduction of the Med-Vac helicopter service. Mary has taken measures to preserve, conserve and protect Geauga County land, returned $26.66 million in gas tax money for roads and bridges, and increased quality of health care while lowering health care premiums.

She recognizes the value of our seniors and supports Geauga’s senior services. These accomplishments, among many others, exemplify Mary Samide’s honesty, reliability, fairness and thoughtfulness. We need Mary Samide. Vote for her on Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Maria D. Burkhammer
Chester Township

No Reason for Change

I strongly encourage the residents of Geauga County to vote for Mary Samide in the May primary. Mary continues to be a strong leader. She has no hidden agenda. She is not persuaded by any special interest groups. She studies each issue that comes before the board and makes her decision based on what is best for the majority of Geauga County residents.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent; young or old; male or female, it doesn’t matter to Mary.

She has always listened to what the people of Geauga said, visited the particular places at issue and studied the law before taking a position on an issue.

She has never pre-conceived positions or bent to satisfy any special interest group. She has always worked well with present and past commissioners.

Mary Samide has accomplished many good things for the betterment of Geauga County and its residents during the previous eight years as our commissioner.

As a conservative, Mary worked to reduce debt, save taxpayers dollars, improve facilities, bring companies into Geauga, create jobs, all while preserving and protecting Geauga County land.

Why do we want change now? Vote Republican and for Mary Samide in the May primaries.

Norm Traffis
Chester Township


Fiscally Responsible

I am a concerned resident of Geauga County and find it vital to understand not only what I’m voting for in each election, but also for whom I’m voting.

I had concerns about the RAEF fund of which Mr. Gliha is in charge. A call to Mr. Gliha asking him to explain why the funds had not been distributed found the answer which is both simple and logical.

Those funds have been earmarked for the upcoming property evaluation, where every property in Geauga county needs to be reevaluated as required by law.

The costs to the auditor’s office alone will be on the order of  $1 million. In addition, the expenses for over-head pictometry and literature to be sent to the residents, will be about $300,000.

Add in expenses for real estate, appraisal, tax map, and GIS salaries, which run to approximately $1.2 million annually.

Mr. Gliha, being a fiscally responsible elected official, is making sure that sufficient funds exist to meet these expenses, without having to dip into the general fund nor request more money through the commissioners’ office.

My suggestion for any resident who may have questions for an elected official is to call them. Mr Gliha has an open door policy and will make time for any resident and is one of the few elected officials who will actually return your call. This I know from experience.

Please do your homework and research all the issues and especially all the people running for office.

Robert L. Ryan


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  1. dkotapish says:

    Once again, Frank is making up his own rules as I witnessed many times for years. The REAF funds are obligated to be returned to the political subdivisions per Ohio Revised Code. No other Auditor in history has not followed through on this fiduciary duty yet managed to do the sexennial reappraisal every time. Sounds like he may be padding the operating expenses of his office as “reappraisal” related. Ask to see the billing records that splits GIS or other workers’ time into “reappraisal hrs” vs. “regular hrs” which would be necessary to document the billing of REAF. These records do not exist. You be the judge.

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