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Burton Village BPA Listens to Cook Street Water Line Blues
March 21, 2013 by Ann Wishart | No Comments

Cook Street’s new water line is installed and working well, the water tastes great and the Village of Burton saved money on the wintertime project.

Cook Street’s new water line is installed and working well, the water tastes great and the Village of Burton saved money on the wintertime project.

Still, there were questions, concerns and some dissatisfaction with the project voiced at the village’s Board of Public Affairs meeting last week.

Cook Street resident Pat Hauser lodged her complaint first. She said the staging area for the project was supposed to be at the Geauga County Fairgrounds, just north of Cook Street, but some materials were stored on site.

“We had a huge pile of sand on our property,” she said.

The contractor, Snavely Construction, was expected to sweep or wash down the road daily when work was finished, but that didn’t happen, Hauser added, and the dirt on vehicle tires wound up in her garage.

Also, Cook Street residents were never warned when the water was going to be turned off while pipes and valves were replaced, Hauser said, adding she feels the valve box placed in her driveway apron is a tripping hazard and a liability.

The shut off valves were supposed to be in the tree lawns, not the driveways, she said.

Added Hauser, “The devil is in the details and not much attention was paid to details.”

BPA member Glenn Bomback said he felt the project preparation could have been better, but the end result has been worth the inconvenience.

“My water tastes great, now,” he said, explaining that locating the valve boxes in the concrete aprons makes them easier to find in the winter, when access is most often needed.

Board member Judy Beaumier asked if the boxes could be hit by snow plows. Bomback said the boxes are flush with the pavement and are designed to move with the concrete as it heaves and settles with frost.

“It seems like a safer way to do it,” he said, than putting the boxes in tree lawns.

Board President Curt Johnson said there could have been more discussion about the valve boxes before the project was started.

Village Engineer Charles “Chip” Hess said the explanation was in the plans in the village office and discussed during the pre-construction meeting. The boxes need to be in the pavement where work crews can find them, no matter how bad the weather is, he said.

“At 2 a.m. when you have a (water line) break you can see (them),” Hess explained. “Where they are located is the best place to be, for the village. Those shut off valve (boxes) were installed flush with the pavement and will stay flush.”

Johnson pointed out these types of boxes are installed “all over town and they stay pretty flat.” He added the village should establish the criteria and other standard operating procedures for street work for the future.

Later in the meeting, BPA members revisited the matter of the sand by the driveways. The sand was used to backfill the pipe trenches under the driveways and the pile in Hauser’s yard has been moved, said village Fiscal Officer Chris Paquette.

Hess said the village got a good bid for winter work, but there were some inconveniences.

“You can’t broom ice. You can’t avoid all of it. It looks good,” he said.

Dirt over the trenches was left high on purpose, temporarily.

Bomback said the trench would need some gravel to keep the dirt from tracking onto driveways and into garages.

“Everyone has the same problem,” he said. “I put a piece of carpet over it.”

Staging some of the material on the village right of way or tree lawn was a good idea and the cheapest way to get the work done in a timely manner, Bomback said.

In December, Hess told council the infrastructure of the short village street needed major improvement, both above and below the surface, including the water line, valves, catch basin and storm sewer, because of corrosion and other problems.

The project bid was $89,900, not including pavement.

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