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Casino Fundraiser a Royale Opportunity to Give Back
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Forget the coldest weather since 1994. Forget the frozen pipes, the space heaters and wool socks. WomenSafe Executive Director Shayna Jackson knows it is cold…

Forget the coldest weather since 1994.

Forget the frozen pipes, the space heaters and wool socks.

WomenSafe Executive Director Shayna Jackson knows it is cold outside, but she knows she will be warmed by an upcoming fundraiser.

After all, the 14th annual Casino Royale 2014 event has done much good for the organization, which serves those affected by domestic abuse in the region.

For over 30 years, we have provided emergency shelter and resources to survivors of domestic violence throughout Northeast Ohio, Jackson said of the Chardon-based shelter.

WomenSafe will hold the fundraiser at 6 p.m. Feb. 8 at Patrician Party Center, 33150 Lakeland Blvd., Eastlake. A sit-down dinner starts at 6:45 p.m.

The evening will contain fun activities such as casino gaming, one-of-a-kind silent auction items, a grand prize raffle, wine pulls, music, great food, an open bar and a $1,000 raffle.

All proceeds benefit the organization, she said last Thursday.

For nearly the last decade, the agency has hosted the event. Jackson said the event is the largest fundraiser of the year.

The proceeds go to directly supporting the emergency shelter services in Geauga County. At this time, the agency has 23 people calling the shelter home, she said.

Last year, the event raised nearly $52,000, Jackson added.

What precipitated the idea for the fundraiser?

The president of the Friends of WomenSafe support organization, Nancy Temple, developed this fundraiser when she was a WomenSafe board member.

She was chairing the boards development committee and wanted to come up with a creative idea that had not been done in Geauga County, the executive director said.

Jackson said the Casino theme is consistent each year due to the amount of activities it provides.

“It gives patrons an activity to do throughout the evening,” she said. “After a delicious sit-down dinner, the silent auction starts and the gaming tables open. The tables are low-pressure and if you dont know how to play, the dealers will help teach you.”

Although the event preparation starts months in advance, planning becomes all-consuming as the date nears. Jackson thanked all of those entities that helped with the multi-month planning sessions.

“We have to thank Fairmount Minerals, who helped us for so many years through so many avenues of support,” she said, adding other sponsors included Robert and Shelley Wallens, SS&G, Heckman Excavating, Mesirow Financial Services, Parker Precision, Inc., The Salminen Family, Compass Consulting Services, Details Diversified, Lake Health, Andy Bushman, Roediger Chiropractic and Farinacci Auto.

Following onto Jackson’s comments, Public Relations Coordinator Andrea Gutka stressed the importance of the fundraiser.

“It’s a lot of work, but when you see someone move into his or her new home with the support of WomenSafe, you know it is all worth it,” Gutka said.

To register, call the development office at 440-286-7154, ext. 223, or email Advanced registration is required and all major credit cards are accepted. Visit for more information.

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