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Chem Tech Expansion First Step Approved by Planning
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Chem Technology's proposed 36,000-square-foot production and warehouse facility at state routes 87 and 528 got off first base last Thursday when a lot split was…

Chem Technology’s proposed 36,000-square-foot production and warehouse facility at state routes 87 and 528 got off first base last Thursday when a lot split was approved.

The Middlefield Village Planning and Zoning Commission agreed to request a letter of commitment from Chem Technologies and Bonner Farms, the developer, before approving a site plan for the construction.

Chem Technologies will build on the northwest corner of the 188-acre development site, which will be called Bonner Industrial Park II, but Bonner is planning to install the infrastructure, said Village Administrator Dan Weir.

The lot split for the 12.4 acres will allow the deal to proceed, but a site plan will need to be approved before building can occur.

“There are issues on the site plan that need to be taken care of,” said village Zoning Inspector Steve Roessner.

The site plan he had Thursday was missing certain components that leave the project in question.

If complications arise, the letter of commitment outlining which party is responsible for what work would be an asset, he said.

“We’re very close on the site plan now,” Roessner said, but added it might be premature to approve it without a letter of commitment.

The easements for the retention pond and the utilities have to be added to the plan, he said.

Mayor and commission member Ben Garlich said he thinks there are plans to landscape the retention pond, which will be at the northwest corner of the property.

The entire Chem Technologies facility promises to be a show-stopper and the village should have drawings within a month, he said. Construction is expected to begin in June or July.

Meanwhile, Garlich said he doesn’t have a problem if Chem Technologies wants to start grading the property soon and the commission can hold a special meeting once the site plans are complete.

The commission also approved a variance for an office addition to the front of the Neff-Perkins Co. plant at 16080 Industrial Parkway.

John Fiala, vice president of Weaver Commercial Contractor of Wooster, said Neff-Perkins needs a lobby area and product display in which to meet with its overseas customers.

The 20-foot-by-40-foot structure on the front of the building will be replaced with a 2,500-square-foot addition that will include a conference room, he said.

Neff-Perkins asked to change its front property line setback from the regulation 60 feet to 38 feet, Fiala said.

If the addition just ran the full length of the building, a water main, gas main and lots of IT wires would have to be moved at a prohibitive expense, he said.

“The cost of rewiring all that stuff is phenomenal,” he said.

Because the building is industrial and none of the neighbors have complained, Roessner recommended the variance be granted.

Fiala said Neff-Perkins is operating 24/7 now and the addition could lead to more jobs.

The variance and site plan were approved.

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