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Chester Trustees Disagree on Recycling Importance
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Chester Township Trustees have been debating for months about where to locate the township's recycling center. Last Thursday, Trustee Mike Petruziello said he'd had enough."We've spent…

Chester Township Trustees have been debating for months about where to locate the township’s recycling center.

Last Thursday, Trustee Mike Petruziello said he’d had enough.

“We’ve spent a lot of time tonight talking about recycling and I think there are other issues we should be taking on before we decide on recycling bins,” Petruziello told Trustee Ken Radtke.

Trustee Ward Kinney did not attend the meeting.

The ongoing issue has plagued township officials for years, with some residents wanting the large rows of bins to be moved to the old Chester School site because the current location is close to the park, the police department, and the fire station and could interfere with emergency traffic.

Other residents who live near the school site have protested when the bins were there several years ago, the remote location allowed people to dump garbage, appliances, furniture and tires, causing trash to blow into their yards.

Still others have said the park site, in plain view, discourages dumpers, but officials have said road crews still have to police the area for trash every morning.

The only consensus that residents and officials appear to agree on is that people disregard the rules and turn the bins into a dumping ground.

Radtke took the lead on the recycling issue during the previous board’s tenure and proposed forming an advisory committee to study the township’s options, which he said should include doing away with the bins and re-instating curbside recycling on an individual basis.

Thursday night, Radtke again brought up the formation of an advisory committee.

“We should be making a list of how it will be represented,” he said, asking if they should put it out for anybody who’s interested.

“You know my thoughts,” Petruziello replied. “I don’t have a problem with it as long as we get (the bins) out of Parkside.”

Radtke said he thought the committee should be limited in number and made up of members of civic groups, interested residents and someone from the neighborhood near the Chester School site.

“We don’t want it too big,” Radtke said.

Petruziello said he sees dumpsters at some churches and thought maybe they would like to take over the recycling program as a way to raise money.

Later, during the public comment portion of the meeting, Lakewood Drive resident Tibor Prokay brought the subject up again.

“I come to the recycling center every two weeks and we have many people, a lot of older ladies, who can’t reach (the lids on the bins),” he told trustees. “That’s a major problem.”

Prokay said he has seen many people dump garbage outside the bins, especially around holidays. He told trustees when he challenged one driver recently, the driver made a rude gesture to him. He recommended installing cameras to catch dumpers.

Radtke explained the program was “in transition” and asked Prokay if he would be interested in serving on the committee.

“You’ve got a passion for it,” Radtke told him.

Prokay did not respond, but said when his neighborhood had curbside recycling 20 years ago, residents paid an extra $5 to participate, but would see the haulers throw the recyclables in with the garbage.

“We canceled it,” Prokay said.

Petruziello again turned to Radtke and said he was tired of using so much time to discuss recycling.

“You’ve got a new board and new trustees,” Petruziello said. “And you’re talking for 20 minutes about recycling bins.”

Prokay also asked whether the township could use one residential trash hauler to avoid several trucks picking up on his street on different days.

“The township has the legal authority to put out for bid and hire one hauler, but met with opposition,” Radtke said. “What you should do is meet with your neighbors, get prices and all use the same one.”

Radtke then adjourned the meeting.

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