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Local Quilting Group Uses Its Talents to Help Others
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For the last decade, a small group of local quilters spends each Monday cutting, piecing and embroidering works of art that will be used to…

For the last decade, a small group of local quilters spends each Monday cutting, piecing and embroidering works of art that will be used to benefit others.
For all their effort, they get to enjoy some socialization and the satisfaction of knowing the fruits of their careful work will help comfort the families of combat veterans or help pay for charity projects.
“My aunt invited me to this and the first day, I was hooked,” said Lois Hoover, a Huntsburg Township resident who quilts each Monday at Fowler’s Mill Christian Church in Munson Township.
The group is composed of members of a variety of local churches, including Fowler’s Mill.
“I love the camaraderie,” Hoover explained over a packed lunch during a work break. “We have a lot of fun and we can discuss anything without anyone getting upset. This means the world to me.”
Church member Kathryn Gostola said she started quilting many years ago when her doctor told her to find a hobby.
“I watched ‘Simply Quilts’ on TV and learned from that,” Gostola said.
Over the years, her quilts have won ribbons in competitions in 13 states.
“I was here at the church working on a small wall hanging and told the women that I could teach them how to do it,” she said. “Since then, we have made one for the pastor and his wife, five for the youth group to raffle off and 27 for servicemen overseas.”
The group has also made comfort quilts for Vietnam veterans, which they call Quilts for Valor.
“People donated fabric in red, white and blue, and gold for stars,” Gostola said.
Each quilt takes at least two to three months to complete. Designs are variations of patterns the quilters find, she said.
When the group makes a quilt to be raffled off, they keep a small percentage of the proceeds for materials for the next project, she explained.
The group has completed a multi-colored, king-size quilt that has been professionally appraised at $2,050, Gostola said, adding the project took five quilters a year and a half to complete.
“Martha Adams of Chardon did a lot of the work and she recently passed away.?We miss her,” she said.
The quilt will be raffled at the church’s Harvest Dinner, scheduled for Nov. 16, to raise money for the church’s benevolent fund to finance various projects.
“It’s one of the few outreach projects the church has going right now,” she said.
Tickets for the raffle are $5 each, three for $10 or seven for $20, and can be purchased by calling 440-285-2156 or 440-636-5460.
“We hope to raise at least what the quilt is worth,” Gostola said. “It will be hard to see it go, but we hope the person who wins it will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

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