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Montville Dust Control Issue Discussed
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By Josh EchtMontville Township Trustees recently began application of calcium chloride to township roads in order to control dust.At last Tuesday's trustees meeting, they discussed…

By Josh Echt
Montville Township Trustees recently began application of calcium chloride to township roads in order to control dust.
At last Tuesday’s trustees meeting, they discussed ways to apply 8,000 gallons of the dust control and dust suppression agent to roughly three miles of township roads.
Although a majority of township roads are paved, several miles require a solution of calcium chloride, trustees said.
Trustee Alexa Holbert said appli-cations were slated to begin May 24.
The roughly hour-long discussion centered on whether or not road crews would make single or double passes on a given road as well as which roads would receive treatment.
They also looked at whether or not to apply the agent to a portion of the Montville Town Hall and Community Center’s parking lot.
Trustee Jim Marsic made the distinction between single and double passes. A single pass is where a road crew travels a given distance from a starting point while applying the product. A double pass consists of a single pass plus a turnaround and a return to the start point.
Marsic also said workers should not just put down calcium chloride in the center of the road, but rather the entire road.
“When people pass you, they kick up dust be-cause the sides of the road are not treated,” he ex-plained.
The calcium chloride will be trucked in from Michigan, con-sisting of two loads at 4,000 gallons each, said Road Superintendent Tom Robison.
However, the truck can only bring in one load at a time, Holbert said.
“They told me on (May 24) they can bring in a load,” Robison added. “They will spread one load in the morning, go back to Michigan, pick up the second load and come back and spread it in the afternoon.”
The roads that will be treated include a dead-end section of Hart Road, two regular sections of Hart Road and Sun Road, as well as the meeting center’s parking lot, Robison said.
“You should get everything down in the township with just two loads,” Marsic told him.
One of the main points discussed was a recently reprofiled 0.4-mile segment of Burrows Road, which borders Thompson and Montville townships.
Thompson residents live on the north side of the road and Montville residents on the south side.
An agreement between the townships dictates that Thompson maintains Burrows Road east from Route 528 to the Ashtabula County border while Montville maintains the road west from state Route 528 to Plank Road.
However, Montville officials claim that Thompson has not been holding up its end of the bargain.
Marsic said a recent meeting included officials from both townships to discuss the issue.
No progress was made and the agreement made at the meeting contained confusing language, he added.
Consequently, that section’s condition was “getting soft,” Marsic said, noting Montville’s financial investment in the reprofiling project was significantly higher than their northern neighbors.
The entire road project was finished two months behind schedule last fall and did not allow enough time for the road base to firm up enough before the winter months arrived, creating additional maintenance, Marsic said.
Since the meeting, trustees auth-orized Robison to maintain the 0.4-mile segment of Burrows Road normally maintained by Thompson Township.
Robison will do this until another meeting is scheduled between both townships, Marsic added.
“Invite them down here,” Trustee Randy Peterson said.
Although a mild spring prevented Burrows Road’s conditioning from getting worse, it is now dust control season and something has to be done, trustees said.
“We’re not just telling them to write out a check and pay for the project,” Marsic said of Thompson officials. “We’re just asking them to participate.”
Holbert said she had not heard from Thompson officials as of last Thursday, May 23.
Although Montville Township’s road superintendent will maintain the road, there will be no dust control on the 0.4-mile segment of Burrows Road, Holbert said.
“So as of right now, we are going to apply our dust control on our township roads, but will not be doing any on the section of Burrows which is Thompson Township’s responsibility.”
A phone call left with Thompson Township Trustee Erwin Leffel was not returned.

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