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New Liquor Licenses May Boost Chardon Night Life
December 19, 2013 by Ann Wishart | No Comments

Night life on Chardon Square could become a reality if a couple of new liquor licenses are granted to two facilities on Main Street. City…

Night life on Chardon Square could become a reality if a couple of new liquor licenses are granted to two facilities on Main Street.
City Council had no objection last Thursday to issuing two new D5L permits, one for 124 Main Street and the other for 205 Main Street across from Chardon Square.
K&J Pizza Inc. has applied for one of the permits for the property owned by MJC Properties, Painesville.
Amador Investments, LLC, has applied for a permit for the property formerly occupied by Chardon BrewWorks & Eatery that is in the process of moving to 200 Center Street. According to the Geauga County Auditor Office’s website, Amador Investments is a company with an address in Buena Park, Calif.
Under new state legislation, passed last summer, municipalities may create revitalization districts within their boundaries so businesses in the district are eligible for the D5L permits to serve and sell liquor.
A revitalization district was approved by council for Chardon Square and areas to the north several months ago.
In the past, if a business wanted a permit, first it had to find a D5 license that was available, pay $15,000 to transfer it and pay annual maintenance expenses.
D5 permits are for restaurants that can seat up to 140 customers and are 4,000 square feet — larger than any such eateries around Chardon Square.
The city established a revitalization district to get around the quota system that limits permits, as recommended by the committee, City Planning and Zoning Administrator Steve Yaney and the economic development committee.
Liquor permits in revitalization districts cost $2,344 for a D5L, which has the same description as a D5 establishment, he said.
A D5 permit allows a restaurant or nightclub to sell beer, wine and mixed beverages for on-site consumption or in original sealed containers for off-site use, until 2:30 a.m., according to the website.
Having a D5L permit would also increase the number of hours a small business, such as Beans on the Square, could make a profit by staying open for more hours, Yaney said last summer.
In other business, council amended the city’s codified ordinance to authorize action by the municipal planning commission and eliminate references to the board of zoning appeals.
Council also voted unanimously to amend the ordinances to eliminate the parks and recreation committee as a standing council committee.
Both amendments were issues on the November ballot OK’d by city voters.

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