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New Parkman Fiscal Officer Survives First Trustees Meeting
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New Parkman Township Fiscal Officer Kathy Clossin said she was glad she survived her first trustees' meeting Tuesday, following her first week on the job.…

New Parkman Township Fiscal Officer Kathy Clossin said she was glad she survived her first trustees’ meeting Tuesday, following her first week on the job.

Trustees unanimously appointed her two weeks ago to replace former Fiscal Officer Joyce Peters, who resigned in June after two years in office.

The position is elected, but under Ohio law, trustees can appoint a replacement if the incumbent resigns before the term expires.

“It went better than I expected; I think it’s going to be good,” Clossin said after the meeting adjourned. She was formally sworn in on June 24 by Chardon Municipal Court Judge Terri Stupica.

The seven-year township resident retired from a lengthy career in federal law enforcement that took her to many states from Florida to Alaska, Clossin said. Her last post was in Nevada.

“I’m originally from the Cleveland area and came back after I retired,” she explained. “I moved to Parkman and started coming to trustee meetings because I wanted to get more involved in the community.”

She saw a need for more reporting of specific spending items in the township budget as she observed the local government day-to-day operations, Clossin said.

“I worked as a supervisor at the federal level and had a budget with line items,” she said, adding the township financials are not a huge mystery to her.

“I saw three departments — the trustees, the fire department and the road department — that needed some fine tuning, although Joyce did a great job,” she said.

Clossin is working with an all-new board of trustees and a township secretary who has been in office for less than a year.

In June, after Peters announced her resignation, trustees decided to hire veteran Chardon Township Fiscal Officer Joan Windnagel as an assistant to help train Clossin in her new position.

“The state provides training after elections, usually in January or February, in Columbus,” Windnagel said, adding Clossin needed training with the state’s UAN recording system, but needed to know the system long before the next training sessions would be held.

Trustees hired Windnagel on June 17 at $20 per hour to help Clossin learn her duties and make sure the township was complying with state requirements.

She will work as needed until August, Windnagel said.

“It’s budget time now, too, and the end of the quarter reports are due,” Windnagel said. “Not to mention, Parkman has two levies up.”

Clossin will represent the township at the annual Geauga County Budget Commission hearing on Aug. 12.

“It’s going really well, so far. Kathy’s working very hard and learning fast,” said Windnagel, who has served as Chardon Township’s fiscal officer since 1995.

Parkman Township Trustee Jon Ferguson said he is pleased with the choice of Clossin, and that Windnagel agreed to help out during the transition process.

“We were very fortunate that Joanie agreed to help out,” Ferguson said. “Kathy has the hustle and Joanie has the expertise.”

“Thank you for being patient, everyone,” Clossin said at the trustees meeting.

“We’ll get there,” Ferguson assured her.

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