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Newbury Schools Prepares for Sixth Grade at High School
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Summer at Newbury Schools is busier than usual this year as the administration makes ready to shift sixth graders from the elementary building to the…

Summer at Newbury Schools is busier than usual this year as the administration makes ready to shift sixth graders from the elementary building to the high school.

There is also a possibility the open four-classroom area at the elementary school could become a privately-run preschool.

“We’re working on ‘the big move,'” district Superintendent Richard Wagner told the school board Monday.

Teachers have been assigned and electronics are being installed, he said.

Offices for the elementary school principal and a computer lab are being outfitted and bus schedules are being adjusted to accommodate the younger students, Wagner said.

“Things seem to be moving along as well as they can,” he said, adding things will shape up when the staff positions are filled.

Interviews for an elementary school principal are in process, Wagner said.

The board approved the concept of leasing space for a day care center in the Newbury Elementary Intermediate building providing zoning, legal, liability and rental agreements are satisfactory.

“We do not yet know where this is going or if it is feasible,” Wagner said.

So far, only a few people have shown an interest in signing up their youngsters and seven or eight students would be needed to make the operation practical, he said.

“I think we are all in support of the concept,” said board member John Gingerich. Having that wing of the school occupied would be good and offers a service to the community, he added.

The board also voted to hire Justin Caithaml as a music teacher for grades kindergarten through 12th for 2014-2015.

District Treasurer Nancy McPeak said Newbury Schools will remain solvent through next school year.

“We ended the year in the black and, barring unforeseen circumstances, we should be right level next year,” she said.

The board approved an agreement for Power4Schools to represent the district in connection with legal proceedings in disputes with FirstEnergy Solutions, which supplies the district with electricity.

As a member of the Ohio School Boards Association, the district can join P4S in opposing the “ancillary service costs” FES has said they will be adding to the district’s bill, McPeak said. They are charges that are not included in the district’s contract with FES, she said.

The board tabled the resurrection of the Knightlines monthly school newsletter following a lengthy discussion as to its time requirements.

Board member Susan Arnold said Barb Fontanelle is willing to reinstate the defunct publication to improve communication between the school and the community.

The cost of materials was covered in the past by advertising, Arnold said.

Wagner said he was responsible for the demise of the 16-page newsletter because it was a huge time consumer for him.

“We don’t have the personnel to handle it,” he said, adding, “I love the concept.”

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